Documentary Review: ‘The Hurt Business’ Shows What It’s Like To Be An MMA Fighter

Review by Dante Jordan

I’ve always thought the UFC was wicked brutal. I don’t know man, watching two people try to break each other’s faces with roundhouse kicks just doesn’t seem like sport to me. But what do I know? My socks don’t even match.

The Hurt Business is a documentary about the grueling business of being an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
fighter. It stars well-known fighters like Jon Jones, Rashad Evans, and Ronda Rousey, along with others like Sara McMann and Michael The Joker Guymon. It takes you through the history of the sport, including its origin, as well as the everyday lives of an established and aspiring UFC fighters. You really get to see behind the curtain for a minute.

Aside from my personal feelings about the sport itself (lol bro shut up no one cares), I thought this
documentary was really good. Its goal was to show you what the life of an MMA fighter truly looks like
and it did just that. Better yet, I shouldn’t say its goal was to show you. Nah, it was deeper than that.

Its goal was to make you feel it. The highs and lows, the uncertainties, the depression, the torturous nature of training. Everything. It took you through all of that for 2 hours and at the end you’re left
thinking…”Damn..F that.” These people really take themselves and their families through absolute hell. And for what? Only the top fighters really make any money. The others are left fighting for scraps,pun intended. Craziest part? They’re always one loss away from being unemployed. That’s fucking wild,yo. At any moment your favorite fighter can leave the ring with a fractured skull and a pink slip. Do you know how mad I’d be if I had to upload my resume to Indeed while my face is dripping brain?

One thing I liked about the documentary was how the interviews were filmed a couple years back so you watch it through a lens of Yo I Know Where These People Are Now And It’s Crazy How The Things They
Said Came True. Example: you see Holly Holm training with Jon Jones and she says her goal is to beat
Ronda Rousey. Years later, what happened? Can someone remind me? Exactly. That little element gives
this documentary a little bit more flavor.

Overall, it’s pretty good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and if you’re a documentary person like me, you probably will too.

So what would I rate it on my scale of Theater, Redbox, or Nah Nevermind? Ehhhh…it’s hard to say
because you wouldn’t normally go see a documentary in theaters. Like, I want to say Theater, I just can’t bring myself to do it. So I’ll say Redbox. It’s definitely something that you could post on the couch with a chicken strip sandwich and watch before bed.

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