Documentary Review: ‘The Crest’ Is Visually Inspiring, Stunning Storytelling

Review by L.C. Cragg

Mark Christopher Covino has delivered a lovely film based on the true legacies and descendants of ‘An Rí’ the once King of The Blaskets who lived on a set of islands off the treacherous west coast of Ireland. This beautifully shot film tells the story of an inspiring family legacy through the newly discovered connection of two estranged great great grandson’s, Andrew Jacob and Dennis “DK” Kane. Both Andy and DK grew up near different oceans, but shared a love of surfing and the sea which they both come to learn is part of their heritage as descendants of The Blaskets.

The film’s lovely cinematography is further enhanced by the original score by Darius Holbert. The themes of this film: a commitment to heritage, family storytelling, music and love of waves and the sea will resonate with all viewers, not just surfing fans. The film delivers eloquently messages of underlying strength and fortitude which in our era of “Game of Thrones” legacies rings authentically true. How much knowing where we came from and what our family endured and stands for empowers us to live out our destinies.

Made for an ultra-low budget, partially funded through Kickstarter, this film should serve as an inspiration for other up and coming doc filmmakers, that amazing films can be produced with limited resources and talented teams. Check it out at Looking forward to Covino’s next project.

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