Documentary Review: ‘The Bad Kids’ If About Finding Good Above The Bad

There is nothing bad about the ‘The Bad Kids’ as this documentary talks about better and beautiful things in life. A tale of hope, belief, faith and trust, the story succeeds in motivating others. The documentary depicts journey of few troubled students who lack love and normalcy in their course of life. Due to poverty, abuse, rejection, hatred, trauma and hardships, as these kids fail to attend school like the others, it depicts their challenges to stay on track. With an aim to cater to their needs and recognize their troubles, an alternative school by the name ‘Black Rock Continuation High School’ offers education to several troubled teens.

Whether these teens suffer from economic hardships or unstable families, the school customizes its program for the benefit of their future. Located in the impoverished Mojave Desert community in California, this school stands as one of the best alternative schools for the special ones. The documentary introduces its viewers to the strong and confident face of Principal Vonda Viland. Powered by a desire to help the less fortunate and provide them with necessary education, she toils to work for their benefit.

Directed by Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe, this observational documentary portrays the values of faith. Though troubled past disturbs these teens and spoils their present with uncertainties, ‘Black Rock Continuation High School’ welcomes them with open arms. By offering alternative means of education with customized curriculum and scoring system, the school empowers their kids for a better future. As these troubled teens fail to fit into the system of conventional education, this alternative arrangement empowers them with a diploma for employment or further education. ‘The Bad Kids’ is a wonderful story that leaves behind a motivational message. Even though their families and society abandon them with no hope for the future, this school stands as a strong rock for them right till the end.

With her compassionate attitude and loving nature, Principal Vonda Viland works hard for her kids. Along with teachers and staff at the ‘Black Rock Continuation High School’, she hopes to empower her students for the future of tomorrow. This observational documentary offers insight into the world of alternative education, giving ideas for others to follow. It instills belief about believing in oneself and trying out different options if conventional ones fail. This inspirational tale represents confidence and trust that life is all about moving ahead and forgetting the past. Through a closer look into the life-story of three teens, the documentary provides examples filled with realistic success.

‘The Bad Kids’ is definitely worth watching, opening our eyes to the beautiful world of possibilities. Watch this documentary for its inspirational theme and wonderful narration. ‘The Bad Kids’ is all about finding good above the bad.

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