Documentary Review: ‘Surviving The Outback’

There is certain hidden magic in exploring the wilderness. It takes lot of efforts to go into off-beaten paths and discover something that no one has done before. One such exceptional tale of exploration and survival is depicted in the documentary ‘Surviving the Outback’. It takes us through the experiences of one determined individual Mike who sets on a journey in Northwest Australia. His mission is to trace the adventures of two German aviators along the coast, when they lost their path and were rescued by Aboriginals in 1932.

After reading their story, Mike is inspired to follow their route with just the same amount of resources. He refuses to take advantage of modern conveniences except for the much-needed drones and action cameras. He does not carry any stock of food, while relying on the fruits, fishes, berries and plants along the way. With an aim to explore the wilderness in its rarest form, Mike does not have anything except a determination to capture it all. After making a raft with reusable materials, he sets on the journey without any external help. All he has is miles and miles of natural beauty that takes us to a different unexplored world. His knowledge and experiences as a military pilot, adventurer and survival instructor take him through the process.

The most remarkable feature of this documentary is its mode of filming. It is not performed by any film crew that follows his journey. It is single-handedly managed by Mike through drones and cameras so it preserves the natural element. The breathtaking pictures of the ocean, varied shades of the waters, flora and fauna of marine sea and the natural cliffs along the coast paint an excellent landscape for the viewers. It manages to take one to an unexplored world without any signs of civilization or man-made disturbances. He succeeds in capturing the natural essence that makes it seem totally relatable. The picturization imparts an exceptional experience as though we are following his raft along the way.

A must-watch for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, it has the perfect amount of adventure to tickle your imagination. It will definitely prompt you to set out on a natural activity of your own because there is so much worth exploring. From creating his own tools to hunting for food, dealing with natural hosts of the sea to simply relaxing in the wild, Mike takes us through his experiences in an up, close and personal way. At the end, there is a satisfying feeling of completion as the wilderness treats the one who takes risks. It is often said nature rewards those who make efforts to seek it out. This tale makes it true as Mike brings the wilderness to our homes with great amounts of risks. He stays alert throughout the mission, but at the same time makes sure to enjoy the beauty as it comes.

Excellent story of nature, exploration, discovery and just enjoying the beauty that lies untouched, ‘Surviving the Outback’ is truly interesting in its own way. Watch the tale that shall prompt you to be close to nature as much as possible. Because at the end, these constitute the real gems of the world.

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