Documentary Review: ‘The Reality Of Truth’ Has A Very Powerful Impact

An inspirational offering with a very powerful impact – ‘The Reality of Truth’ is a documentary film written and directed by Michael “Zappy” Zapolin. A movie that strives to hunt for secrets, this piece of art is extremely novel in every way. Revolving around loads of unanswered questions that greet our life every passing day, the movie has made a wonderful attempt to take the viewers one step closer, towards the realities of life. Set against the backdrop of spirituality, meditation, religion, transcend medicine and psychedelics, the film makes every possible effort to explore the various shades of truth. With an aim to recognize the realities of inner happiness, peace, satisfaction, freedom and achievement, the storyline has certainly performed a remarkable job.

Featuring Indian American author, speaker, endocrinologist and alternate medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, the documentary provides insights into his beliefs, experiences, thoughts and feelings. While focusing on the significance of meditation, spirituality and inner happiness, Deepak Chopra has provided excellent guidelines for the flow of this documentary. As he motivates Michael and his friends to explore various places and recognize the need to hunt for the truth, Deepak Chopra has played an influential role filled with magnetic charm. His ideas and thoughts can relate with the viewers instantly, enabling a powerful connection and desirable output.

With this, as Michael “Zappy” Zapolin and Michelle Rodriguez (‘Avatar’ and Fast and Furious’ fame), along with some of their friends begin the journey of truth, the movie adopts interesting moments and thought-provoking ideas. With a simple form of narration and real-life relation, the movie is able to convey its message loud and clear. As it depicts the experiences of Michael and Michelle, it inspires the viewers to ponder about real happiness and inner peace. A controversial topic with no fixed answers, the movie has done an amazing job of bringing religion, spirituality, plant medicines and breathing exercises under a single roof. While every form of meditation has its own unique beliefs and every form of spirituality relies on some novel aspects, ‘The Reality of Truth’ has attempted to take the audience through each of these diverse forms.

Interviews with several influential motivators, public speakers, spiritual leaders and powerful personalities across the globe form the highlights of this movie as they present their personal views with an aim to explore the truth. By focusing on the mental, physical, emotional and social benefits of spirituality and plant medicine, the movie attempts to project its significance in today’s world. Discussing about the advantages of finding inner peace and rejoicing in deeper thoughts, the movie prompts the audience to think beyond the usual.

By taking the viewers through the adventurous, novel, exciting, yet eye-opening feel of the journey, the experiences shared by Michael and Michelle offer the reality of meditation, plant medicines and spiritual interaction. A journey that takes them to spiritual places of Peru, Rome, Maui and Maharishi University of management, Iowa; the documentary covers every aspect in a detailed manner. Inspiring radiation of happiness, peace, content and joy, the movie certainly achieves a lot more than expected.

While experiencing the offering of each location and relating it with the picture of real life, Michael talks about the growing disconnection with his wife and kids. Though spirituality and meditation are aspects that bring positive changes, the movie depicts the dangers of complete involvement and ignorance towards the daily course of routine life.

Inspirational words by spiritual leader and founder of ‘The Art of living’ foundation Sri Sri Ravi Shankar point to the benefits of deep breathing exercises. As a passage to our inner mind, these breathing techniques radiate positivity and happiness. From American Preacher and Senior Pastor Joel Osteen who talk about religious beliefs to American spiritual leader Marianne Williamson who offers spiritual insights, from co-founder and director of ‘Golden Bridge Yoga Center’ Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa who talks about power of Yoga to global Prana vinyasa teacher Shiva Rea who focusses on the magic of vinyasa yoga, the movie has done an excellent job by portraying global leaders and their motivational experiences. Though each form makes use of different ideologies, they unite in their mission to spread happiness, peace and satisfaction within inner self.

Integrating ancient science of plant medicine with modern shades of today’ world, interview with Fabian Michael Piorkowsky provides insights into the life changing impact of plants. Inputs from spiritual leader Ram Dass, Transcendental Meditation leader Dr. John Hagelin, psychiatrist and author Dr. Norman Rosenthal, American Developmental Biologist Bruce H. Lipton, creator of documentary film ‘Thrive’ Foster Gamble, motivational speaker Mark Victor Hansen, Zen priest Peter Coyote, Philanthropist and founder of Rythmia Life Advancement Center at Costa Rica Gerard Powell, Christian channel broadcaster Marcus and Joni Lamb and screenwriter David Lynch, besides many others have added value to this documentary as their words inspire and communicate diverse thoughts and beliefs.

By providing an all-in-one view about mediation, spirituality, religion and transcend medicine, the documentary has certainly achieved its purpose. Though the movie touches a controversial topic that cannot be judged or concluded with a perfect solution, the makers have invested great efforts to cover every aspect of this though-provoking subject.

Watch this documentary for the quest of truth, as our mind, feelings, emotions and thoughts hold the key to inner happiness and eternal peace.

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