Documentary Review: ‘Ramen Heads’

Do not watch this documentary on an empty stomach, it will only increase your craving for some delicious ramen! With a detailed look at this delicacy of Japan, documentary ‘Ramen heads’ offers an excellent entertainer for its viewers. It narrates the glorious story behind a simple, nutritious, tasty, and one pot meal savored in Japan for several years now. Beyond the noodles, broth, vegetables, fishes and meat, Ramen is more of a signature food, forming the identity of taste buds across the nation.

The documentary starts with the journey of the best Ramen food joint in Japan. While winning the award of best Ramen chef for four years now, Chef Osamu Tomita works with incredible passion to offer an excellent version of this delicacy, every passing day. With careful attention, hard work, dedication and love for his creation, he absorbs himself into the process. As the documentary takes us through his food preparation in the kitchen, he shares all his secrets of cooking with a humble smile. At this point, it is essential to share a spoiler alert – some ingredients in the broth may seem disturbing to vegetarians and vegans. From broth preparation to making of noodles, choosing the ingredients to serving them into bowls, Tomita handles every step with equal passion to celebrate his love for Ramen.

This dedication is not just restricted to the kitchen section, he takes equal care to greet his customers, and ensure their convenience to make the experience memorable. This tale connects with audience on several levels because it talks about a simple, common meal in an economical set-up. While 5- star restaurants and big brands can take care of their customers due to the high price involved, what sets this little joint apart is service at a reasonable cost. The documentary inspires audience that great things do not equate to loads of money. If we have sincerity, love, dedication and interest towards our regular work, we can create a difference and make ourselves happy. Chef Tomita displays this essence of hard work where he treats his duties with utmost sincerity.

Makers of the documentary have done an excellent job by covering various aspects of the Ramen joint. By talking to customers, apprentices and waiters of the location, it succeeds in presenting an entire picture. Apart from all the praises, it also depicts the negative sides of working with a competitive and demanding boss.

After Chef Tomita’s restaurant, the documentary lenses take viewers to five other famous Ramen shops around the nation. From an age-old traditional Ramen cooked in earthen pot to modern food joints with a novel touch, each of these places reflect the joy of a comfort meal. It dives into the history of ramen since its arrival into the country to increased fame later on. What started as a wholesome meal for workers soon gained fame, popularity and affection from every age group in the country, making it a favorite dish for all. From small joints with family history to Michelin star restaurants with stylish appeal, Ramen has definitely come a long way in this country.

Watch the documentary for its detailed insights into the culture, tradition, varieties and attraction for Ramen. It will definitely tempt you to savor the dish, if you have never done so.

Opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 16
Opens in San Francisco on March 23
Opens in San Diego on April 6
Opens in Seattle and Austin on April 13

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