Documentary Review: ‘Queen Of The World’ Is An Excellent Look At Queen Elizabeth II

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an up, close and personal look into the royal household of England, documentary ‘Queen Of the world’ is an exceptional piece in its own stride. Director Matthew Hill has truly done an incredible job, while carrying his lens to the most unique experience of the world. As Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II offers behind-the- scene looks into their usual functioning at the Buckingham Palace, it is definitely novel for the audience, to say the least.

The documentary deserves the credit of being one of its kind for presenting such interesting topics on screen. It makes use of videos, pictures and memories of the Queen from the historic times, depicting her long travels to the Commonwealth nations. Today as 53 Commonwealth Nations unite together on a global scale, it depicts their unity, prosperity and will to continue the legacy for common good. With clippings of their meetings, travel, preparation for events and hosting of Royal functions, ‘Queen of the world’ will allow viewers to understand the level of hard work and efforts involved. It does not come across as a larger than life portrayal of royalty. Instead it presents the reality in simple ways and touches the subject in a rather realistic manner.

Besides the Queen, the documentary offers views of other members of the Royal family who all represent a close-knit community. The Royal Queen’s efforts towards women empowerment, education, development of the youth and equal opportunities for every member of the world come across as shining highlights, making one realize the significance of her views and ideas. Be it a scholarship program for students from the Commonwealth nations to events in the Palace that celebrate their efforts, every aspect of the documentary touches the right chords.

Engaging from start to end, the feature succeeds in giving a glimpse into the royal family. After filming for a year with access to the palace, events, staff and royal functions, it appears complete in every way. It is wonderful to witness the journey of the Queen as she traveled to the Commonwealth nations several years in the past as a young ambitious woman. Holding the legacy till present, the Queen’s decision to pass the baton to the younger generation shows her trust and confidence in the future. As the Commonwealth nations will stand together for global prosperity ahead, the message is loud and clear.

It also takes us through the relationship between different Commonwealth nations as their dignitaries unite together to meet with the Queen.

An excellent documentary with a truly novel essence, ‘Queen of the World’ justifies the title of a royal Queen- recognized, respected, and honored around the globe. Airs Monday, October 1st on HBO.

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