Documentary Review: ‘Pick Of The Litter’ Is A Much Watch For Dog Lovers

A must-watch documentary for dog lovers, this piece focuses over the wonderful journey of guide dogs. From five little puppies to future guide dogs for the blind, it portrays their step-wise ascend from birth. With depiction of their training process with guide dog trainers, it shows a unique bounding with humans. ‘Pick of the litter’ takes us through the development of five puppies as they gain training to help the blind through the esteemed organization ‘Guide dogs for the blind’. More than a formal look at the training, it takes us behind the scene moments of how these dogs form their relationships. As they struggle to connect with humans and adopt their responsibilities, it makes one realize about the innumerable challenges.

So wonderful is their bonding process that it will prompt the viewers to keep watching right till the end.

It is not easy for the puppies to adapt to a new environment, at the same it is challenging for the trainers who have to depart away from them, one day. Yet as the dog trainers engage all their energy to make the guides capable of helping someone else, it pumps motivation and inspiration. An inspiring piece that gives honest look into the transformation of these dogs, ‘Pick of the litter’ is excellent in every way. Makers of the documentary have worked hard to present the true picture to the audience. From challenges to make the dogs understand to providing the perfect balance between love and seriousness, it shows the difficulty of not pampering them to be pets. Each of the trainers strive hard to fulfil their responsibilities in the best possible way.

Lessons on walking, boarding the airplane, interacting with other dogs and eating all form essential steps in their training process. Guide dogs bring new ray of hope for the blind. By being their support buddies, they provide independence and freedom. While the blind can spend their time exploring the neighborhood and being around a dependable friend, the opportunity offers unlimited energy and happiness. By providing a close access to the journey, ‘Pick of the litter’ is educational, emotional, and entertaining at the same time. Whether the puppies make it to the noble title of guide dogs or whether they find it difficult to do so, the documentary provides an up, close and personal look of a novel experience.

By providing views of the guide dog supervisors and volunteers, it offers a wholesome look of this human-animal bonding. Passing five tests to be guide dogs is an incredible challenging assignment that judges their ability to be excellent support companions for the blind.

A happy story with a happy feel, ‘Pick Of The Litter’ succeeds in touching the right chords.


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