Documentary Review: ‘The Paris Opera’

A behind-the-curtain projection with excellent interplay of music, arts, performers and circumstances- documentary ‘The Paris Opera’ is worth watching for several reasons. While it will definitely appeal the opera fans, it is equally entertaining for other viewers too. Filmmaker Jean-Stephane Bron has done an incredible job of going behind the scenes to present the wonders of this unique form of arts. Music and Ballet dance come to life at the renowned institution of performing arts. Slated to release on October 18th, ‘The Paris Opera’ can be your next artistic and entertaining fix.

It captures the preparation of performers as they work hard to put an excellent show. Inclusion of all the departments in the opera sets this documentary apart. Rather than focusing on the performers alone, ‘The Paris Opera’ projects the efforts of every team. From financial staff to cleaners, management to crew, it presents the true image of every aspect of the opera. Reality in a straightforward manner forms the highlight of this documentary.

‘The Paris Opera’ adopts a detailed approach to succeed in its story. By presenting the backstage picture, it toils to celebrate the famous art form. It does not stress over the protagonists or the lead performers. Instead, it bridges the bits and pieces of simultaneous actions. As everyone strive hard towards the end product of an excellent show, the documentary manages to capture its high flowing energy and dynamic enthusiasm.

Besides efforts from the entire team, any successful show requires favorable circumstances too. While disturbances such as terrorist attacks and illness of lead performer create unexpected complications in the plan, it focusses over the last moment adjustments. Till the performers reach onstage and start their magic, everything is uncertain. It increases the respect for performing arts as a lot goes in the background. What the audience sees onstage is just a fragment of this entire process. Though glow of lights and sound of music is all that one looks forward to, it is possible only after a perfectly coordinated show backstage.

Though ballet and music appear effortless, easy and smooth flowing on stage, the actual reality backstage is totally different. With diverse actions in the background, the documentary makes an effort to capture this tension in a perfect way.

Director Jean Stephane Bron has succeeded in throwing light over this excellent form. With reality and simplicity as its primary ingredients, The Paris Opera is truly wonderful. Watch this documentary and get closer to the magic of opera, as arts is where Paris is!

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