Documentary Review: ‘Moonlight Sonata: Deafness In Three Movements’ On HBO Wednesday, Dec. 11th

An exceptional piece of inspiration that shows nothing is impossible, documentary MOONLIGHT SONATA: DEAFNESS IN THREE MOVEMENTS is wonderful in every way. Director Irene Taylor Brodsky takes us through the experiences in her life with a deaf son and father. It is a personal memoir that hits the right notes of inspiration for viewers. She takes us through three parallel storylines where each of these experiences stand for the power of belief.

We are introduced to her son Jonas who underwent a cochlear implant surgery in his early childhood years. The director weaves her experiences with her own deaf father who may not have received similar facilities in the 21st century as her son could. She presents the true realities of how a weakness may seem difficult, but at the same time, it can be a source of strength. It shows how her son used the opportunity to find his way in the world with music as the central theme. The documentary offers a clear view into their struggles at the same time highlighting the need to be strong in every situation. The story flows in a smooth manner as we are taken from one experience to the next.

The three movements in the title stand for her son’s passion for Ludwig van Beethoven‘s “Piano Sonata No. 14; his grandfather’s experiences while dealing with the deafness and the great Beethoven’s art while he was dealing with a hearing impairment. It makes use of animation to depict the creation of a musical masterpiece. The story reminds that we cannot change circumstances around us. But we can definitely change our approach as the situation demands. It is necessary to find our source of strength in whichever way we can to work towards our betterment.

It stands for love, passion, dedication and family. Though her family is dealing with a genetic disorder that can affect their daily life to a certain extent, the director wants to show how things can be handled for the good. As we walk with them from one experience to the other, we are reminded about the power of faith. Whether it is music or literature, art or sciences, family or community, it is important to find our source of strength. It is well hidden within ourselves but we need to find it. The story focuses on the need to make sense of what we have. We cannot expect perfect lives with so-called perfect features. It is important to find our way to enjoy the opportunity with a smile.

Watch this tale of inspiration that states ‘Take it all well with a big heart’. MOONLIGHT SONATA: DEAFNESS IN THREE MOVEMENTS is a good story with an excellent touch of emotions.

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