Documentary Review: ‘Love Always, Mom’

Seldom do documentaries or movies hold your attention for every single moment as they move forward, but this is definitely one of those rare ones. A touching tale of a fighter, survivor, lover, mother and family, documentary ‘Love always, Mom’ holds your attention right till the end. Bringing a story to life, this depiction is honest, emotional, overwhelming and touching all at once. Directed and produced by Tricia, the tale is a closer look at her inspirational life. While battling stage 4 Breast cancer with doubts and fear about future and family, Tricia stands for confidence, courage and energy. Without surrendering to the challenges of this metastatic condition, as Tricia and her husband Greg move from one milestone to another, they simply refuse to give up.

A fresh look at life, love, family and hope, ‘Love always, Mom’ presents their IVF journey to be happy parents someday. The documentary is a simple presentation with values of reality, honesty, emotions and feelings. It does not involve larger than life images or drama to spice up the topic, at the same time it is not all serious and gloomy. It forces the audience to look beyond the usual feelings of fear and embrace the opportunity of life with open arms. ‘Cancer is not a death sentence’ is what this documentary conveys to its viewers as Tricia introduces them to the purer and simpler joys of living. Though the journey is overwhelming with occasional episodes of tears, sorrow, tensions and disappointment, it does not translate to crying all along.

Made with diverse emotions packed into one, it takes us through the joyous steps of their life. It presents views from her parents, sister, husband and friends who praise her courage. A step by step approach with interviews, it depicts thoughts from doctors, egg donors, surrogates, patients and all those involved in the story. At this point, it is necessary to warn the viewers about tears and emotional overflow that can come into the picture.

An inspirational story of living life to the fullest, it has several hidden lessons for the audience. The documentary handles this sensitive topic in a matured way. It does not fall into the trap of carrying an emotional aspect with elements of sorrow, instead it shows hope, happiness, opportunities, connections and family bond that binds them together all along.

It is remarkable how Tricia handles her emotions, thoughts, confidence and courage, while dealing with a larger than life issue at hand. She refuses to give up because that is not the way to do it. Her belief in life, parenthood and family is exceptionally great to say the least. And entry of some angels who would help them in the process is simply praiseworthy.

Watch this story of hope, love, family and belief. It forces one to appreciate this opportunity of life. Often, we tend to take it for granted knowing everything is here for us. There are stories like these that open our eyes to appreciate, enjoy, love and embrace the path. Inspiring tale in every bit, watching ‘Love always, Mom’ is truly an incredible experience.

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