Documentary Review: ‘Living In The Age Of Airplanes’

With the day-to-day monotony, it can be easy to forget that we live on such a beautiful planet. And one way we have been able to fully appreciate that fact is through the invention of the airplane. The new National Geographic documentary, Living in the Age of Airplanes, offers a sublime reminder as well as a brief history lesson about the marvel that is the airplane. Harrison Ford does a splendid job as narrator and the visuals are a beautiful sight.

As mentioned in the documentary, most everyone alive today has not lived in a time when airplanes did not exist. So, it is difficult to image our world where long distance trips took “lifetimes”. We take airplanes for granted and this documentary does a fair job explaining why we should not. Airplanes have connected all parts of the Earth, including Antarctica and small islands thanks to seaplanes. They allow us to experience different cultures either by visiting them or bringing parts of them to us.

Perception plays a key role in the final segment. “Any age can be considered a Golden Age” depending on perception (I may not be quoting correctly, but I believe that was the correct meaning). I like that this documentary keeps a positive uplifting view about airplanes, aside from the introduction that points out the frustration many feel with modern flying. I try to see things from multiple angles and there are several points that could easily be turned negative depending on perception. The fact that they stayed positive and on topic is very inspirational.

Speaking of inspirational, the roughly 48 minute film was shot across all 7 continents, allowing us to see wondrous sights from all over the world. And added graphics (like a timeline) help illustrate the points they are trying to get across. Of course, there are also various images of airplanes in various modes, so if you like airplanes, you will love this film.

The film is available on Digital and DVD/Blu-Ray now.

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