Documentary Review: ‘Legion Of Brothers’

My dad was military. I briefly consider joining to make him proud, but aside from that, I didn’t want to join or fight in a war. The heat, the time away from home, the possibility of dying due to a colleague’s error; it wasn’t for me. Legion of Brothers tells the uplifting and heartbreaking stories of some of the Green Berets who did want to join and went to war in Afghanistan shortly after the 9/11 attacks.

Largely told from the soldiers themselves as well as family and news clips, Legion of Brothers is an insightful documentary that takes viewers on a journey through our military response in the last few months of 2001. The stories are well told and the editing is well done; enough that you almost experience what the soldiers experienced… or you at least get an idea.

With all the superhero movies abound these days, it’s refreshing to see a movie about real heroes. Various companies are represented (fewer than 100 that went to Afghanistan), with stories ranging from why they decided to join the military (even before the 2001 attacks), to life in the war zone, to life after they return home (or between tours). There are some heartbreaking stories, like, obviously, the second hand stories of those that didn’t return home.

Is this movie going to change lives? Maybe, maybe not. Some of the soldiers say they wanted to join because of movies that made it look easier than it is. But this movie shows the hardships. It probably won’t be used for recruitment, but it is one that I’d recommend.

In Select Theaters Beginning May 19, 2017
On Demand, DVD and BD June 26, 2017

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