Documentary Review: ‘La Bare’ From First Time Director Joe Manganiello Is A Fascinating Look Into The World Of Male Stripping

La Bare

Everyone knows that the best city to see quality exotic dancers is in Dallas, and those who live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis also know that not only are traditional strip clubs hugh and high end in the area, but there is also one club that makes Dallas unique: La Bare. La Bare’s is the only strip club in Dallas (and before “Magic Mike”, one of the few in the country) to feature male dancers. Main Street Films is giving the public a peek behind the scenes of this one-of-a-kind venue with the documentary “La Bare”.

The film is the directorial debut of actor Joe Manganiello, who rose to fame as werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s “True Blood” and also portrayed male stripped Big Dick Richie in the Channing Tatum sleeper hit “Magic Mike”. Manganiello and his brother’s company 3.59 Entertainment get the history of the club, from its start in the 1970s, to its modern incarnation. They also get candid with several of the current dancers, including longtime dancer Randy “Master Blaster” Ricks. Master Blaster, who is seen as an almost father figure to the younger dancers, has been dancing for the past 34 years (!!!) and STILL looks amazing. The crew also speaks to the dancers’ fans, and even their families. Randy’s mother Mary Lou is his nutritionist, and also helps him run a side business offering male and female strippers for private parties. The film shows that the act of exotic dancing is something that can be tasteful instead of tawdry, and can be a lucrative career for those who put the work in and take it seriously instead of a way to get as many sexual conquests as possible. It also shows that the dancers at La Bare are more than just a group of guys who get on stage and take their clothes off to music- they truly are a tight knit family.

While there are a lot of scenes with the dancers in various states of undress, there is no full-on-nudity. There is, however, many adult situations and a lot of adult language. And watch for a dancer named Austin- he does some pretty unusual things in his routing (yes, they do routines instead of simply taking off clothes) that are absolutely amazing. My birthday is coming up soon, and I know right where I’m going to be.

“La Bare” is released in theaters on Friday, 27 June. For additional information on the film, visit

Check out our interview with Joe here. Check out where it’s playing here.

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