Documentary Review: ‘Kangaroo–A Love-Hate Story’ An Extremely Interesting Must See!

Whenever there is a mention of country ‘Australia’, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘kangaroo’. A national icon that forms identify of this beautiful country since several years in the past, kangaroos are nothing less than lifelines. But, sadly this is not the true picture of the caring, maternal and wonderful mammals, carrying their little kids in pouches as they jump around the island.

An eye-opening documentary that presents the true picture of killing, hunting and declining number of kangaroos in Australia, it simply surprises with every passing moment. While residing in any corner of the world; it is impossible to think about such a sorry situation of this national icon, being treated as pest in its very own homeland.

Divided by opinion, and overall outlook towards the animal, the documentary by Kate McIntyre Clere and Mick McIntyre offers an up and close view of the icon. By involving opinions of various people in the country, the output of this film is truly educational, impactful and real, to say the least. Slated to release on January 19th, the documentary has succeeded in presenting the real picture.

While looking at the history of hunting as a sport, this feature moves from the old days to the reality of today. What started off as a hobby to show off their power soon transformed into a selfish motive of humans, killing innocent animals in the process? It picks opinions of the new-age modern leaders to various professors in universities. It also projects the video clippings of the past, making an attempt to capture the real motive of hunting. With an aim to depict the true story from start to end, the directors have done an incredible job.

After exploring the history, as the documentary enters into the biological aspect of this animal, it turns into a wonderful educational experience. From depicting their behavior to hopping patterns, capturing videos on drones to talking to wild-life professors, the entire picture is truly complete. The documentary succeeds in taking the viewers, right at the center of action, presenting Australian landscape in its raw form. A total entertainer, educational and interesting package for the viewers, ‘Kangaroo: A love-hate story’ definitely forms an instant connection with the audience.

While it does focus on the ‘love’ part for this animal, it also offers opinion of farmers who hate it for being a pest. As wild animals with stronger hold, when they tend to wipe away farmlands and destroy fields, it presents the contrasting, yet sorry picture. In the battle for survival of fittest, it explores man’s attempt to be strong and powerful over these wild neighbors. From commercial pest mitigation licenses for kangaroo shooters on farms to the growing profit margin of the kangaroo meat industry that feeds other pet animals, the eye-opening documentary truly keeps the audience, interested right through the end.

It explores the human consumption of kangaroo, drawing light on the growing meat industry. It depicts the gruesome reality of how these animals are hunted and carried across for miles, before entering into the food industry. It also presents the world trade of animal meat to countries such Russia, China and US.

A complete, true and real depiction of kangaroos, this documentary is definitely worth watching. As the makers have toiled to present all the possible angles, it offers a good picture of all that happens in this far-away continent of the world.

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