Documentary Review: ‘Itzhak’

When soothing notes of violin mesmerize your senses, what else do you need? This is exactly how you will feel after watching this magical documentary. Celebrating the talent, efforts, hard work, love and dedication of a renowned violist Itzhak, the documentary created by Alison Chernick takes audience through an interesting journey of ups and down.

As the documentary explores his musical journey since childhood, the passion and talent come to life. Though physical hardships of polio create difficulties in his path time and again, Itzhak’s ability to look beyond the trouble and concentrate on his hard work are simply motivating. Without playing victim to this physical disability, Itzhak’s success points to the significance of dedication, confidence and trust. While external circumstances and unexpected situations can be spoilsports, the underlying essence is to stay focused and harbor confidence.

Strong relationship with his loving wife Toby exhibit their love and support for each other. The documentary is inspirational and wonderful to realize that it is possible to achieve the impossible. As his hands create magic over the violin, it depicts the essence of talent and skills. A simple, truthful and real-life appeal to the documentary makes it easy to connect with the audience. In an honest manner, as the journey explores his diverse experiences since childhood, it appears engaging and entertaining at the same time.

From his early days of struggle in Israel to years of formal training in the United States, from his period of hard work and recognition around the world to recent experiences of training young talent, the documentary is compete in every manner. It does not take a music expert to understand his skills, as every listener will be moved by his sheer magic over the instrument. After struggling to gain recognition due to polio, Itzhak came across several missed opportunities and ignorance. But, all he did was refuse to give up. Slowly and steadily, when his musical education and dedication came out in the open, he earned the well-deserved chance with success and fame.

The documentary also offers an insight into his domain of personal relations. It depicts his strong network of friends, family, performers and musicians around him. As each of them talk about their relationship with Itzhak, praising his skills and celebrating the gift of music, the documentary unfolds in a fun-filled way. Glimpses of recordings and performances from the good, old days add to the overall essence of the flow.

Entertaining, inspiring, honest and amazing to say the least, ‘Itzhak’ is definitely worth watching. No matter what level of affection you hold for music, this documentary will prompt you to look at the bigger picture of celebrating life – valuing its offerings, while counting the blessings. Watch this documentary for its motivation, talent, music and natural journey which only gets stronger at every level.

GREENWICH ENTERTAINMENT Will Release ITZHAK Theatrically In New York On March 9th And In Los Angeles On March 16th With A National Rollout To Follow


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