Documentary Review: ‘Invisible Hands’

Written and directed by TV journalist Shraysi Tandon, documentary ‘Invisible hands’ looks into the painful, dangerous and a social challenge of the highest order in our world today. Forcing young children to quit their schools under the label of poverty, child labor is a menace in most of the developed nations across the globe. This eye-opening documentary adopts the perfect investigative approach necessary to tackle such matters that only increase with passing years. Greed of profits, desire to capture the entire world market and need to bring more and more products into the scene has fueled the dangerous territory of child labor.

The documentary maintains a flawless flow with interviews, video clippings and information collected from different parts of the world. It strives to present the reality the way it is without influencing the opinion of viewers. Shraysi Tandon has done an incredible job while portraying a journalist approach for the world to see. From villages in Northern India to forests of Ghana, from South Asian labor market to the surprising reality in developed nations, the documentary addresses the shocking purpose of engaging child labor to satisfy capitalistic greed.

Though it touches the political conditions in such markets that strive to cover up their operations and disguise them for the bigger greed of profits, it touches the question of how can one stop it? Should consumers boycott these cheap goods that are created in developing nations? Should they insist on the methods used for production? As we watch this documentary, we realize each one of us can play a part in reducing the child labor market. It presents the reality that such markets shall not vanish overnight, but our responsible choices and decisions as educated consumers can definitely make a difference.

An extremely significant and alarming subject that must be addressed today, ‘Invisible Hands’ will encourage awareness and implementation of concrete actions. It is a wake-up call to act past our ignorance and understand our role as consumers. It has done the job of presenting facts, and interviewing little kids who must be studying in school instead of toiling under hazardous conditions. It also presents views of activists and leaders who are doing their bit in every possible way. How and why this trouble has escalated to such greater measures prompts one to think about the menace of materialism.

‘Invisible hands’ addresses the basic challenge of poverty that forces such innocent children into the labor market. A much needed documentary that will hopefully take us one step closer to the solution, it is the need of the hour. Watch an eye-opening account into a world that is hidden away from our vision, but a true reality miles away from home.

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