Documentary Review: ‘Inventing Tomorrow’

As promising as its name, documentary ‘Inventing tomorrow’ is all about making the earth a better place for the future. Taking us through the efforts of enthusiastic teenagers around the globe, it focuses over their ideas, plans, innovations and a strong desire to help the environment. By making use of science as the framework, these teenagers strive to find solutions to some of the most common problems today. While participating in the biggest conference of ‘Intel International Science and engineering fair’ (ISEF) in Los Angeles, USA, these participants engage in promising work for the future.

A detailed view into their plans, preparation, and efforts, Inventing tomorrow is an inspirational eye-opener. As the future lies in the hands of these energetic kids, they refuse to accept defeat. From Hawaii to Indonesia, India to Mexico, it takes the camera to the farthest places depicting hope and success. As the participants involve in problems such as lake pollution, arsenic pollution, tin mining and other such challenges, they make use of innovative ideas. Rather than continuing with the system, they work hard to find solutions. With aid of experiments, they believe in Science as the answer. An interesting subject with smooth flowing story, the documentary takes us all around the globe. It provides insights into their projects with exchange of thoughts.

Getting a close view of their efforts is an exciting experience as we realize the power of Science. With their knowledge, enthusiasm, support of parents, teachers and friends, each of the participants exhibit energy and excitement. It showcases their sincere attempts. They do not allow external restrictions to limit their dreams. By finding alternatives and being in the action mode, their idea is to do something rather than blame everything in the society. Though the documentary is about Science and engineering, it does not involve too much technical jargon to make it seem unrelated to the audience. It makes efforts to explain those in simple terms, turning it easy for a connection with the viewers. This quality shines as the highlight and prompts one to stay engaged right till the end.

Some of the dialogues appear unnecessary and made-up that take away the purpose of the documentary quite often.

It is interesting to get a sneak peek into their laboratories and research experiments. Watch the documentary to appreciate their efforts. Watch it if you believe in the power of Science, future, ideas and progress. An encouraging project that will go a long way in making the environment better, prettier, healthier and safer for our kids and grandkids. Global competitions are an excellent platform for this noble purpose. Finally, when the lens take us into the final event at LA, the experience seems wonderful.

Watch the promise to build a better future by inventing something good for tomorrow. Opens in New York on August 31.

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