Documentary Review: ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’

A colorful, energetic, inspiring, novel, wonderful documentary that spreads happiness, smiles and cheer, ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ is an amazing piece of art. Revolving around survivors of violence, mental illness, rejection, depression, addiction and trauma, this documentary strives to fill joy into the hearts of each one alike. Directed by award-winning Philadelphia-based documentarian Glenn Holsten, ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ depicts the journey of all those associated with a unique, interesting and one of a kind beauty salon. Slated to release on 29th July, 2016, this creation opens the eyes of the audience towards endless possibilities and opportunities in the world. Though troubles and challenges may fill our lives with clouds of darkness, the movie inspires each one to believe and trust. As drivers of our own life, ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ motivates the viewers to take control and change the situation.

As a part of the NHS Germantown Recovery Community – a non-profit mental health program in Philadelphia, administered by NHS Human Services; the ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ carters to the needs of those with mental illness. By offering them a colorful platform to transform their looks, hairs, nails and beauty features, the salon proves as a perfect spot for creating new ties and developing newer friendships. A totally novel concept, never heard before; this salon invites people with special needs and provides them a new look in life. Though beauty services pose as one of the reasons to bring the people together, this salon enables them to exchange their stories and draw inspiration from their experiences.

A motivational documentary with a concrete impact, the story opens our eyes towards hope and faith. Operated and managed by Rachel “Hollywood” Carr Timms, the beauty parlor helps people with mental illness and encourages them to explore a new lease of life. Happy moments and cheerful memories of these patrons and salon operators form an interesting piece that can engage the viewers, right till the end. Be it nails or hair styles, face or hair colors, as these men and women come together under a common roof, the documentary offers a close look into the valuable contribution of the salon. The documentary depicts the journey of their preparation for the annual hair recovery show. A novel show of its own kind, this annual celebration offers a ramp for the patrons to exhibit their unique style.

With involvement of music, costumes, glamor and glitter as these survivors celebrate the colors of life, the idea seems totally exciting. From costume rehearsals to shopping of accessories, from practicing songs to getting the perfect look for the D-day as all the participants display enthusiasm and interest, it spreads a new wave of energy into the viewers. One of the most perfect ways to offer insights into the lives of such survivors, the documentary is truly worth watching.

Without any inhibitions, judgments, analysis and criticism, as all come together to encourage each other, the story truly touches the heart. As every survivor shares the stories of their trauma and troubles, the fellow patrons motivate them to wipe their tears and forget about the past. By uniting together for the fun aspect of beauty, as everyone strive to be there for each other, the documentary demonstrates hope, trust, love and happiness in the world. It truly succeeds in delivering a powerful message to all, encouraging us to believe in ourselves.

Watch this documentary for the colorful lives of these mental health patients who refuse to give up. Experience the magic of happiness instilled by this unique beauty salon – painting nails, painting lives!

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