Documentary Review: ‘The Great Day’

Inspiration, hard work, perseverance and determination overflow in this motivational documentary by filmmaker Pascal Plisson. Underlying the value of education, documentary ‘The Great Day’ has lots of positive aspects. It stresses over education as a tool for development, while taking us through lives of four bright students. Though surrounded by difficult situations and poor economic conditions, as these four individuals strive to fulfil their dreams, it brings us closer to their honest efforts. Filmmaker Pascal Plisson has done an incredible job by focusing on their difficult, yet powerful journey.

It highlights the value of hard work and determination of these underprivileged kids. When eyes are set on the target and mind is tuned to achieve what it deserves, it is possible to turn the tables. This documentary follows the journey of four young students – Nidhi, Deegii, Tom and Albert. Coming from a poor background without any opportunities does not hamper their spirits, while they work hard in their respective fields. Nidhi from India desires to gain an entry into one of the top engineering institutions in the country. Deegii from Mongolia works over her contortionist skills to get into an elite circus school in Singapore. Tom from Uganda directs his efforts to be a park ranger. And Albert from Havana dreams to be an Olympic boxer some day in the future.

As this documentary takes us through their perseverance, it presents the power of education. Though lack of opportunities or necessary resources may pose as challenges, their hard work enables them to be on track. It stresses over the fact that situations may not be desirable always, but our responses influence the overall outcome.

Pascal Plisson has succeeded in creating an inspirational story for others to follow. It exhibits the strength of education. Knowledge and equal opportunities of education can be instrumental in creating a developed society all over the world. This can empower the youth with more opportunities to make it big. Along with the positive messages on education and hard work, the documentary presents wonderful shots from these countries.

Importance of education along with the power of hard work, determination and trust shine in this lively story that is relevant to everyone today. Instead of complaining or blaming the circumstances, this shot of reality stresses over the need to find a way out.

Watch ‘The Great Day’ for its inspirational message and wonderful reality. If we strive to help ourselves, we can definitely reach the destination. Appreciate their journey through the lens of the filmmaker and seek your dose of motivation.

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