Documentary Review: ‘Good Fortune’ Looks At The Life Of John Paul DeJoria

Call it your next inspirational dose or a motivational chapter, documentary ‘Good Fortune’ is truly wonderful in every way. It teaches the value of patience, perseverance, determination and dedication that are extremely essential to find our way in this world. Good Fortune takes the audience through the unbelievable yet true tale of John Paul DeJoria. Slated to release on June 23rd, this story is about his poverty and struggles of childhood that made him homeless at a young age. Unfavorable poor conditions of his past brought uncertainty and helplessness to his childhood.

The documentary is created with an aim to share a story that changes its form in an unexpected way. While living in East LA, John joined several motorcycle gangs such as Satan Slaves and Hells Angels to be in the happening circuit of friends. Such unfavorable circumstances forced him to engage in several acts that he would regret at a later date.

While living in his car and dealing with gangs, John encounters several challenges on a rough road. But, poverty and homelessness did not succeed in spoiling his life as John chose a different route even amidst dark clouds of failure. After losing his brother in a motorcycle accident, John decides to change his approach to life. Though he was devoid of facilities and opportunities, the story inspires about his determination to make a difference. Instead of accepting his bad fortune, John invests efforts to create line of hair care products with artist Paul Mitchell. The documentary talks about his dedication to help others, while working to change his own fortune.

The story describes his next successful project – largest tequila brand ‘Patron’. This huge success proved that John was determined to make a difference. But his success stories do not end here. Rather than just collecting wealth and assets for himself, he chooses to give it back to the society. It depicts his philanthropic efforts to help the homeless. Besides, it talks about his various ventures that spell out charity, help, support and concern in bold letters.

Though the documentary paints his journey in a clear manner, it fails in the aspect of storytelling. Makers of this tale could have added more details about his past or projects in the present with more charm in the presentation department.

This documentary definitely succeeds in proving its point. Fortune is not pre-written or permanent. With efforts and trust, it is possible to change your bad days into good. It delivers a powerful message that hard work is all we need to spread happiness and cheer. In addition, it also talks about the need to give back to the society. If we are able to help others in whatever form we can, we can truly create a better place for our children.

Watch this documentary for its inspirational tone that succeeds in every way! ‘Good Fortune’ is truly good for each one of us.

In Theaters June 23, 2017
On iTunes August 1, 2017

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