Documentary Review: ‘Floyd Norman: An Animated Life’ Is A Feel Good Documentary

A perfect example of hard work, dedication, talent, sincerity, passion and commitment – documentary ‘Floyd Norman: An Animated Life’ is truly filled with inspiration. Depicting the life of famous animator ‘Floyd Norman’, the documentary takes the audience through his wonderful tale of ups and downs. While celebrating his 80th birthday, as the team at Disney congratulate him for his success, the documentary flows with an amazing pace. Created by filmmakers Michael Fiore and Erik Sharkey, the documentary will be available for the viewers from 26th August 2016. As Floyd Norman was an asset to the animation world since the early years of 60s; the story opens our eyes to the creative industry back then.

As the first African-American to be recruited at Disney, the documentary highlights the significance of talent and skills over racial discrimination. Though race could pose as a trouble in several work profiles back then, Floyd talks about his smooth journey based on skills alone. With immense interest towards drawing, as Floyd was fortunate to be educated in fine arts, the documentary portrays his childhood phase in Santa Barbara. While animation in today’s world translates into computers and digital technology, the documentary takes us to the wonderful past that relied on pencils and drawing boards alone. As Floyd refuses to retire from his skills and continues to be a part of Disney animation team even today, his age can act as an inspiration for the viewers.

While narrating his journey from the good, old times, Floyd talks about his adventures of working with Walt Disney. From rejections to praises, from layoffs to rehiring as Floyd experienced diverse aspects with the Disney Company, his story highlights the value of determination, hard work and perseverance. Though Floyd came across several challenges while ensuring a smooth financial flow for his family, his dedication towards work and passion for animation kept him going. Floyd Norman played a pivotal role in designing several cartoons and tales back then. From Sleeping Beauty to 101 Dalmatians, from Scooby Doo to Jungle book, from latest Toy story 2 to Monsters Inc., Floyd brought life to each of these characters with his impressive drawings.

The documentary presents views of his wife, kids, fellow colleagues and friends. While all remembered colorful memories from the past – Floyd’s love for drawing, attachment with Disney and simple, humble, down-to-earth nature were common words from all. The documentary is truly engaging till the last bit, as it depicts a real-life example of hard work. It talks about the need to stay determined over our passion, as that is the only certain aspect to stay with us forever. Though Floyd encountered layoffs and rejections for his work, the passion to create interesting art stays with him even today. His on-off relationship with Disney forms an interesting story as Floyd has a deep bond with the corporation. His involvement into several other projects with close friend Leo Sullivan talk about their common passion towards animation, movies, arts and cartoons.

A feel-good documentary with a motivational message for all, ‘Floyd Norman: an animated life’ will take each one to the nostalgic lane of cartoons and animated movies of good, old times. It offers insights into the wonderful world of animation and behind the scene hard work of these great artists.

Watch this documentary for the successful journey of Floyd Norman and his passion for drawing. Watch it for the essence of hard work and efforts; the documentary extends the message ‘If you trust your talent and passion, even the sky cannot act as a limit’.

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