Documentary Review: ‘Ella Brennan: Commanding The Table’

An exciting tale of food, cuisine, talent, hard work and determination- ‘Ella Brennan: Commanding The Table’ is a historic movie with a delicious touch. Presenting the domain of restaurants and gourmet food in New Orleans, this movie is behind the stage story of hotel Commander’s Palace, revolutionized by restaurateur Ella Brennan. A successful woman with amazing power, determination to succeed, interest towards her work and capacity to make it big, Ella Brennan stands as a strong and old woman today as she narrates her tale. Directed by Leslie Iwerks and narrated by actress Patricia Clarkson, the movie is slated to release on May 1st.

This movie deserves special recognition for touching a unique topic. As it talks about Ella’s contribution in the culinary world, it presents her talents and skills in an interesting way. Though restaurants have formed an integral part of the culinary world since several years, they are seldom depicted through the mode of movies. By touching such a topic, Director Leslie Iwerks presents the culinary picture since 1940s. Ella Brennan is well known for her contribution as a stern restauranteur who strived to bring perfection into the hospitality industry.

The movie takes its viewers through her journey as an 18 year old girl while she helped her family bar in New Orleans. With this, as Ella continued to work hard in the world of food, there was no turning back. Slowly, as she invested her efforts towards new projects and better experiences, her restaurants ‘Commander’s Palace’ and ‘Brennan’s’ showcase her talent and hard work to satisfy the appetite of its patrons. Ella’s story reflects patience and dedication as she refused to compromise in any way. Driven by the goal to offer the best service to its visitors, Ella’s kitchen created several wonders. Undoubtedly, Ella’s restaurant is well known all over the US for offering some of the best dishes. Her efforts showered fame and recognition to New Orleans, as it is famous for exciting menu and interesting content.

Smooth flow of tale with detailed insights into the past form the highlight of this movie as it takes the audience to the good, old times. It celebrates Ella’s achievements over the years. Her attention to detailing deserves special mention as she refused to accept any alterations in her approach.

It is a tale of success and victory that offers motivation to a great extent. The movie includes interview pieces with Emeril Lagasse, Paul Prudhomme, Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, Drew Nieporent and Julia Reed. Each of these individuals talk about Ella’s amazing talent and essence of hard work. They throw light over her contribution in the culinary world, while she helped many new-comers in the industry. She is credited for starting several new dishes right from the scratch, offering happiness to the stomach and taste buds.

Watch this movie for its interesting history, unique subject and appreciation of Ella’s hard work. Ella Brennan certainly commanded the table with her magical hands and gourmet food.

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