Documentary Review: ‘Do You Dream In Color’ Is Truly Wonderful

A story about dreams, possibilities, opportunities and confidence – documentary ‘Do you dream in color?’ is an excellent motivational piece for the audience. Revolving around the lives of four blind teenagers who struggle to make it big, this story is truly inspiring. Though these teens come across several challenges due to their visual disability, they refuse to accept defeat. Instead of crying over their troubles, as they find opportunities for themselves, the story can prove inspiring for each one of us. By presenting their journey to the audience, makers of this documentary have truly done a wonderful job. It increases confidence and hope in each one’s life as difficulties can be defeated.

The documentary follows lives of Connor, Nick, Sarah and Carina in their journey to make it big. Though their blindness comes in the way quite often, they find ways to deal with it. Amidst rejections, failure, taunts and hardships, while they still manage to stay focused, the story is truly worth watching. As they treat their blindness as a routine component of life, they work their way around the disability. Their determination and will-power to succeed drive them over the path full of troubles, yet they emerge victorious. They do not allow surrounding situations to take charge. By minimizing their dependence over others, they work towards a normal life.

As the documentary focuses over their individualistic story, it presents a complete picture for the viewers. While dealing with day-to-day activities as these four teens proceed ahead, it leaves an inspirational note for all. Connor engages in skateboarding, hoping to find a sponsor for his sport. His determination and dedication are truly exemplary as he practices in a sincere manner. His blindness seems to disappear, while he focuses on the sport in a dedicated way. Sarah dreams to travel the entire world. Her desire to explore different countries and experience their life powers her journey. She hopes to visit countries such as Portugal, Spain besides several others across the globe. Her confidence to move along every situation reflects success and happiness.

Due to his immense love for music and bands, Nick has a passion to be a drummer. As he plays with his friends and hopes to be a part of a big band someday, his efforts reflect sincerity and dedication. Carina hopes to complete her education and gain employment in the future. While her family members did not receive the necessary resources for education, she desires to study and make a good name. Her mother’s support provides her strength to continue ahead. Though each of these four teens have a unique story, they are united by their spirit of confidence, courage, will power and desire. They refuse to accept their blindness as an excuse to avoid any work.

‘Do you dream in color?’ is definitely an inspiring story for all. It can prove as an encouraging example for every individual, as life can be uncertain, yet our actions can be certain.

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