Documentary Review: ‘Dancer’ Is Wonderful

A rhythmic tale with elements of dance, passion, talent, fame and emotions – documentary ‘Dancer’ follows the life of ballet dancer ‘Sergei Polunin’. Born and raised in a small town of Ukraine, Sergei practices his passion in different countries across the globe. Labelled as the ‘Bad boy of Ballet’, Dancer takes the audience through the experiences of this Ukrainian dancer, as he tackles fame and fortune in an unusual manner. The documentary presents a complete picture of his life, while his parents, close friends, teachers and dance instructors pour their views over the amazing talent.

As Sergei developed this interest since childhood, he had the undivided support of his mother all through the journey. Determined to offer him the best education, Sergei’s mother encouraged him to move from Ukraine to London. With this, as the journey began, Sergei never looked back. As his father was working in a different country and mother was forced to stay back in Ukraine, Sergei experienced the pain of being away from family. The documentary depicts the impact of this separation over his life, though he continued to excel in his performance. Born with amazing talent, Sergei’s hard work on the stage managed to take him to great levels. Within a short while, as Sergei earned the honor of being the youngest principal male dancer in Royal Ballet, London, his life seemed to be bright with glory.

Though Sergei achieved great fame and fortune at the young age of 13 years, his separation from parents drifted him away from the goal. While handling this unexpected fame at an early stage of life, his distraction towards tattoos, drugs, partying and alcohol took him towards self-destruction. Though he enjoyed his talent on stage, he experienced the pressure of fame and popularity. The documentary presents his challenges of being part of the group, as he threw tantrums all around. Divorce of his parents changed the equation completely, while Sergei doubted the need to perform on stage. As he moved towards self-destruction, the storyline depicts his sudden resignation from the Royal Ballet.

With perfect flow of story, the documentary succeeds in presenting the real picture of fame. While we often involve ourselves in judging the life of a celebrity, ‘Dancer’ takes us behind the scene in a realistic manner. A perfect depiction of success, fame, failure and self-destruction, the documentary leaves a powerful message. ‘Dancer’ takes the audience through Sergei’s journey in London, Russia and Hawaii. While he participated in several shows, before joining the Ballet Company in Russia, the tale offers an honest view into his life.

Inclusion of Sergei’s dance video ’Take me to church’ by Hozier adds charm to the documentary. Directed by David LaChapelle, the video was an instant hit among younger generation due to his honest depiction of emotions. Sergei shares his experiences of working for this dance video that allowed him to practice his passion without any boundaries.

‘Dancer’ is a wonderful documentary that offers clear vision of a star’s life. Though celebrities experience fame and enjoy popularity, their back stage struggle can either make them or break them. As media follows the life of every celebrity with minute scrutiny, their interference can also create havoc in some way.

Watch this documentary for the colorful journey of a ballet dancer who followed his passion, right from birth. Depicting values of hard work, sincerity, luck and family, this documentary talks about the need to balance it all. Though fame may shower one with fortune, everything is baseless unless powered by love, relations, emotions and family.

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