Documentary Review: ‘Daddy Don’t Go’ Depicts The Beauty Of Fatherhood

A sensitive documentary with an emotional connection – ‘Daddy don’t go’ depicts the beauty of fatherhood. Slated to release on the 19th June, this documentary lands on the perfect occasion of ‘Father’s Day’. While deep level of connection between mother and her children is the most commonly discussed aspect, fatherhood is often taken for granted. Though sensitive shades of fatherhood are hidden behind the domains of duties, responsibilities, realities and seriousness of life, this documentary succeeds in opening eyes of the viewers towards their love, care, concern and affection.

Created by acclaimed filmmaker ‘Emily Abt’, this documentary features the life of four disadvantaged fathers over a period of two years. Struggling with poverty, criminal history, social rejection and legal hardships, as these four fathers raise their kids in the city of New York, the documentary portrays their strong connection with the little wonders. Keeping their dangerous past behind, as the four strive towards financial and emotional stability for their kids, the documentary brings out excellent shades of love. Though struggles and troubles from the previous years raise their ugly heads quite often, their responsibility of fatherhood inspires them towards improvement. By bringing out the beauty in this relationship, the filmmaker has successfully depicted the power of this bond. An excellent inspiration for the fathers of tomorrow, this movie will certainly bring positive changes into the lives of those around.

Designed with an aim to portray the truth in a simple way, the documentary has retained all elements of simplicity and reality. By depicting the real thoughts of these four men, the documentary has provided a true picture of their struggle. Amidst challenges of rising poverty and struggle for survival in an expensive city like New York, as the fathers change their old habits and move towards improvement, it takes us towards the strength in fatherhood. Though their past may have been clouded with undesirable acts and unexpected deeds, love and affection for their children transform the situation completely.

Demonstrating the power in parenting, the documentary is certainly a must-watch for prospective parents.
Revolving around the life of four fathers – Alex, Roy, Omar and Nelson, the movie offers an inside view into their lives. With a troubled history as these fathers fight the demons of gang membership, disability, jail time or criminal record, each of the four exhibit the willingness to put their past behind. Eagerness to spend quality time with their kids coupled with a desire to offer them best life and comfortable living drives them towards the goal. Making their kids as the sole purpose of life, the documentary succeeds in instilling positive transformation and healthy change.

Delivering a powerful message that life confers us with endless opportunities and limitless possibilities, this movie talks about the need to forget the past and move ahead in future. Quality moments spent with their toddlers and kids bring colorful elements to the movie. From feeding the kids to enjoying with them on a beach, from putting them to sleep to talking to them about events of the day, as these four men shower their little wonders with love, the emotional quotient rises to a great extent.
Watch this documentary to invite love, affection, care and understanding towards these gems called ‘fathers’. A perfect way to celebrate ‘Father’s Day’, this creation will undoubtedly bring tears to the eyes and love into the hearts.

Premiering on Vimeo this Father’s Day, June 19. Order it here.

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