Documentary Review: ‘Chasing Coral’

Review by L.C. Cragg

This significantly important documentary explains the urgency, impact and crisis of the rapidly diminishing coral reefs of our planet. The film’s main purpose is to communicate outside the group of well-informed, depressed and stressed scientists, how global warming is destroying a crucial ecosystem, which serves to support a food source to over 500 million people.

Through exclusive footage, narrated tales, interviews and time elapsed photography reveal the complexity, beauty and importance of the devastation of coral reefs for all to understand, champion and take action against. The three main champions of this film’s messages are Richard Vevers, Zachary Rago and Dr. John “Charlie “ Veron who each provide inspiring insights, crucial perspectives and information.

The film carefully explains the level of sophistication of the organisms of a coral reef, how they protect coasts as well the diversification and sophistication of these non-human living organisms. The up close and personal documentation, testimonies and interviews, provide a “nose to the glass view” for something that the majority of the world has never seen, or perhaps never even considered. Akin to trees on land, coral reefs inhabit one quarter of the ocean.

These questions which ran true as to the importance of staving off the devastation of the disintegration of these reefs used a land focused analogy: Do we need forests? Do we need trees? Do we need reefs, or do we just live in the ashes of all that?
CHASING CORAL not only delivers an in-depth 360 degree perspective of the importance of this vanishing ecosystem, but the urgency with which we need to respond immediately. This is a not to be missed film as well as a not to be missed message: global change in response to global warming is within our power and it is achievable: If we start now we can get there in time. CHASING CORAL is currently available on NetFlix

Review done at Woods Hole Film Festival

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