Documentary Review: ‘Blue Gold: American Jeans’

A one of a kind and unique documentary that touches an interesting topic – ‘Blue Gold: American Jeans’ revolves around the famous clothing style of jeans. Directed by Christian D. Bruun and narrated by Edward Burns, the documentary takes its viewers through the history and fame of jeans. By picking some of the famous brands and shops around the world, this piece talks about the worldwide fashion statement.

All over the world, jeans are known for their comfort level. As an easy outfit that is utilized by all age groups and equally among both the sexes, jeans are always in demand. The documentary features interviews with fashion icons, musicians and directors such as  Adriano Goldschmied, Renzo Rosso, Elio Fiorucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Ecko, Isaac Mizrahi, Darryl Hall, Marky Ramone, Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields, Keanan Duffty, Henry Duarte, Yo-Yo Ma, Judy Collins, Steven Cojocaru, Daymond John, Andrew Bolton, Harold Koda, Grandmaster Caz, Anthony Haden-Guest, Diane Gilman. It touches brands of Tommy Hilfiger, GAP and Diesel.

It was filmed over a period of 5 years across United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Japan. The documentary is an interesting entertainer as it focuses on different styles of jeans. Besides interviews and discussions, what makes this documentary super entertaining is the journey of jeans hunter and vintage expert Eric Schrader. Eric travels across the globe – gathering vintage pieces and searching for famous historical pieces of the cloth. It opens our eyes towards the historical value of this outfit that became famous instantly. It explores the close relationship between jeans and cowboys, besides focusing on the raw appeal of this apparel.

With a smooth flowing touch, the documentary presents interesting facts for the audience. It highlights a usual topic in an entertaining way. Makers of this documentary have clearly done an amazing and patient job in presenting their message in a realistic way.

‘Blue Gold: American Jeans’ will be released on most Video on Demand platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, DVD and Blu-ray on 4th April 2017.

With a pure touch that can connect with its audience instantly, ‘Blue Gold: American Jeans’ is definitely worth watching. Watch this entertainer for the interviews, vintage hunt, interesting historical stories and cultural impact. More than just a clothing piece, look out for the valuable quotient of this outfit.

Watch the documentary for its novel topic, excellent narration, talented direction and successful cinematography. Blue Gold: American Jeans will definitely make you fall in love with your favorite blue outfit over and over again!

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