Documentary Review: ‘Blood On The Mountain’ Is Honest And Hard Hitting

Review by Bluray Junkies

Blood on the Mountain is a honest and hard hitting documentary about the true events of the coal miners in West Virginia. Directors Mari-Lynn Evans and Jordan Freeman gives us a brutal and mesmerizing film about the 150 year old coal war of West Virginia and the huge impact it has had.

The documentary takes an in depth look into coal companies and their complete disregard for the health and liveleyhood of the miners. For 150 years miners have braved the bowels of Earth to bring wealth to those who hire them and theire cruel disregard for the unsafe working conditions these men endure. Majority of miners come out of the Earth with extreme health infliction’s including black lung disease, death, cancer, and many other horrific illnesses.

The documentary also shows the other side of the coin with some residents in support of the coal industry despite many who have seen their family and friends die of cancer caused by water and air pollution from coal chemical spills. And then there are other residents who fight against the mining companies. What’s brilliant about the film is how the directors blend these confronting issues and show us all the different sides of coal mining industry.

With the out come that more men and families and nature keep dying while big business keeps profiting. With interviews that will make your think, make you angry and some that are heart breaking. The documentary at heart is about the ruthless economic and political injustices that bring death and destruction to the miners and the environment.

Mari-Lynn Evans and Jordan Freeman do a fantastic job at telling these stories with some breathtaking cinematography, and music that creates an emotionally charged documentary that is to not be missed.

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