Documentary Review: ‘Bill Coors: The Will To Live’

Money, position, power and stability are not the basic ingredients of happiness- what is important for our joy and life is the ability to love and be loved. An exceptional piece of inspirational story, documentary ‘Bill Coors- the will to live’ takes us through the motivational life journey of business tycoon Bill Coors. Handling the Coors brewing company for several years, the 102- year old leader offers a close look at his rather difficult journey.

With a demanding childhood and strict father, Bill narrates the story of how things moved in his phase. While the American dream was aimed towards prosperity and stability, Bill dealt with his share of pressures and responsibilities. Though everything was laid out perfectly, thanks to his family business, Bill had to deal with problems of his own. Money was never the challenge, what mattered was lack of love, failed marriage, loss of son and brother. When these troubles added their burden, Bill realized the impending doom of depression and sadness.

The documentary revolves around the essential lessons of life delivered through his speech in 1981. From loving ourselves to doing our own thing, reaching out to people to developing friendships, it is a powerful message for people today. While he inspired the audience back then, this documentary will inspire millions of viewers worldwide now. Every bit of the documentary paints a real and true picture based on his experiences alone. It also presents views of several young students around the country who emphasize on the need to communicate, be open about their problems and address mental health matters as essential part of our life. With pictures, videos and clippings from the past, it succeeds in showing the journey step by step.

It also captures opinions from his son, biographer, doctor, colleagues, employees, friends and loved ones who celebrate the life of an inspirational figure. Finding our problems and acting over it is the key to eternal happiness scores as the underlying message.

The documentary is an excellent practical depiction of how mental illness should be addressed and solved, rather than bottling it deep inside. Admitting the problem and accepting it is essential that makes it important to be open with our friends and family.

Every aspect of this documentary succeeds in forming a strong connection as we all deal with troubles –either of our own or see our people struggling with it. Though the path is tough and not everyone is lucky to get a strong support system, the efforts have to begin somewhere. At the end everything lies in our own hands is the fact Bill Coors emphasis from the start. What makes it different from other preaching documentaries is the practical solutions shared by him and how he did all by himself. Be it physical exercises or meditation, he discusses the value of taking charge for ourselves. Besides, the inspiring thoughts shared by young members add to the practicality quotient.

Such inspirational pieces from someone who has gone through it and yet smiles at the age of 102 is nothing less than a wonderful experience. Watch the journey, celebration and life story of a powerful figure who admits things are difficult but not impossible.

Following a successful film festival tour, the award-winning Bill Coors: The Will to Live opens in theaters in October and will enjoy a one-week run in Chicago (Oct. 19), Los Angeles (Oct. 12), Seattle (Oct. 19) and New York City (Oct. 5). And will be available on VOD Nov. 1.

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