Documentary Review: ‘Bethany Hamilton: The Unstoppable’

The title of this inspiring documentary does justice to its tale of perseverance and courage. It takes us to the story of an ocean surfer Bethany Hamilton and her journey since childhood. Her passion for ocean waters and waves is reflected through up and close angles of her enthusiastic sports. The makers of this documentary provide detailed look into her inspiring journey that started off at a very young age. We are taken back to her past where as a 13-year old enthusiastic surfer, she finds immense joy in the waves. Nothing seems to stop her while she practices the sport over and over again.

Her love for surfing turns into an enjoyable experience, as she undertakes the sports with support from family and friends. When an unfortunate accident of shark attack in Hawaii takes away her left arm, she does not lose even a tiny bit of courage. Though it means the unavoidable loss of her arm, she simply keeps going. While that translates to surfing without an arm, it does not seem to bother her. Within few weeks, as she recovers and sets her feet into the waves, it resumes all over again. The documentary takes us to the views of her trainer, family members, and friends, as they describe her courage in inspiring words.

Though her parents seem worried for her comeback, she manages to start her sports with enhanced enthusiasm. The story focuses over her desire to enjoy this passion without worries about her past experiences. Her immense love for surfing is reflected over her words and practice sessions where she does not intend to stop in any way. It shows the value of doing what your heart says as there is nothing in the world that can take away her source of courage. We understand the fading division between work and play as the surfing enthusiast does not treat it as a task. She enjoys her experiences in professional surfing and practices as much as she can.

After the disturbing past of the accident, we are brought to her present. She meets us in her new role as a mother who practices surfing just like before. There is nothing that can stop her as she juggles both the responsibilities with equal ease. From mother of a toddler to professional surfer with immense talents and skills, she balances her roles perfectly. The documentary introduces us to her courage and dedication. It is a remarkable tale of inspiration that highlights the significance of ‘just doing’. There is nothing to worry about when one focuses over their tasks with courage.

Watch this amazing piece of motivation that spells out success and happiness in every passing minute. ‘Bethany Hamilton- the unstoppable’ is the right example of hope and action that we all need at some point in life.

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