Documentary Review: ‘Baristas’

If you are a loyal and dedicated coffee lover, you will not need this review. Without any second thoughts, go ahead and enjoy this masterpiece that flows in a flawless mode. Like a perfect cup of espresso bringing diverse flavors into a tiny cup, this documentary brings unique elements of entertainment. There is passion, excitement, entertainment, creativity and beauty in the tale of the World Barista Championship. A unique global competition of baristas that brings talented artists from around the world, WBC is known for the creativity exhibited by its competitors. Portraying the journey of six baristas, documentary ‘Baristas’ brings behind-the-scenes look at their dedication and hard work.

The documentary offers a close look at their preparation. We meet talented artists from U.S, Japan, Germany, Ireland and several other nations who are determined to present the best of their capabilities. While coffee and its flavorful essence adds charm to the documentary, it is further enhanced by excellent background score, motivational music and wonderful cinematography. We are introduced to the exceptional efforts of hard work in their home country. From trying out different ingredients to blending unique flavors, practicing for the finale speech to working with their team to present at the main event, each of the competitors invest lot of time and energy for the championship.

As the story builds up towards the final event of 2017 World Barista Championship at Seoul, South Korea – the documentary reflects excitement at every step. The makers of this feature deserve special credit for creating an engrossing tale. It forms a strong connection with the audience, taking them every step of the journey. It is surprising to realize how something as usual and simple as coffee can turn into a piece of art, while the participants pour every ounce of energy into the competition. Their dedication and commitment highlights the value of following one’s passion. We sense their restlessness, anxiety, fear and excitement to participate in something as huge as a global competition on a grand scale. As they prepare with their family, team members, mentors and loved ones- the excitement of the competition oozes out fun and entertainment in a unique way.

From test tubes filled with interesting flavors to mixers and hi-tech espresso makers, the documentary presents lot of novel aspects revolving around the fun-filled world of coffee. It is quite natural to flow in the mode of creativity as the documentary does its job in a perfect way. There is drama, emotion, passion, entertainment, fun, knowledge, and amazement all clubbed into one piece of art that talks about another piece of beautiful art.

Watch this documentary to enter into a unique world of coffee, specialty drinks, espresso and passion. And like I state at the start; if you are a coffee lover, go ahead and enjoy the documentary – without any doubts, but with a mug of coffee in hand!

Releasing on all major VOD platforms on April 2nd 2019, courtesy of The Orchard.

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