Documentary Review: ‘After Auschwitz’

A touching and inspirational look at history, documentary ‘After Auschwitz’ strives to display courage, determination, confidence and strength. It addresses the painful period of Auschwitz labor camps and Holocaust terrors that killed numerous people in the war among nations. This one-of-a-kind documentary revolves around six women who survived and escaped from the troubles of this occurrence. As young women of 19-25 years, they encountered loads of challenges, before entering into United States of America post liberation.

A well-made documentary with emphasis on the past through photographs and videos, After Auschwitz presents the reality of the trauma. Created by Jon Kean, his efforts reflect on the attention to detail. But, depicting the painful memories is not the primary aim of this inspirational documentary that strives to present the victorious tales of these six women. Though everything seemed to be lost, as these individuals strived to return into their normal lives, it stands for their will-power. It takes the audience through the journey of their new found freedom in America. After adopting citizenship of this nation, as they made efforts to start a family, accept a new culture and be a part of an independent society, it turns inspirational along the way.

It solves the purpose of presenting reality. As a troubled topic that opens wounds from the past, Holocaust and Auschwitz is often ignored. Though the ignorance stems from the desire to forget the bad past, this documentary succeeds in celebrating power and inner strength of the survivors. It takes us through their life thereafter with children, grandchildren and newer possibilities of a free world. The documentary presents their views in a strong light, allowing them to share their experiences in an honest way. As they recall the bitter reality of escaping a nightmare followed by happy pictures of their memories in a new country, it reminds about the need to value everything along our way.

The documentary involves several troublesome images and memories that are not recommended for the weak-hearted. Sections of the depiction may seem disturbing, hence focus on the message and learn from their tears and wounds.

Forgetting the past or where we come from can be an incorrect way to look at life. Hence this documentary leaves a positive note to remember struggles. As these strong women talk about their life in the US, they present the difficulties of accepting a new culture. Caught somewhere between affection for their own country and the need to settle into a new land presents the reality faced by hundreds of such immigrants during the second hand of 20th century. Though their children and grandchildren grew in a free land full of opportunities, these women sacrificed a lot in the process.

A celebration of victory, a reminder of past, a story of struggle and a depiction of reality, After Auschwitz is a lesson from history. Watch it for inspiration, and motivation that follows such incredible tales of strength and determination.

Opening in New York Friday, April 20
Opening in Los Angeles Friday, May 4

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