Documentary Review: ‘Adele And Everything After’

Adele and everything after

A dash of inspiration, loads of affection, dozens of surprises coated with uncertainties and faith in the most unexpected form are some of the ways to describe this heart-touching documentary. Depicting the journey of Marty and her loyal service dog Adele, ‘Adele And Everything After’ is a wonderful piece to know what love and affection is all about. While taking care of Marty, Adele was more of a soulmate and best friend than an ordinary service dog. As they formed a deep bond with each other, Adele protected Marty in every possible way.

While dealing with a rare heart condition since birth, Marty encountered several consequences in her daily life. Fainting every day, Marty came across challenges in her routine that made it impossible to be normal in any way. When these troubles begin to impact the course with her husband and son in school, she started looking around for options. From medicines and diagnosis, when nothing seemed to work for her, she hoped to find her solution at ‘Canine partners for life’. Things were destined to change for good, when the world’s first cardiac alert service dog Adele entered into her life in the form of an angel. As she partnered with Marty, everything smoothened out enabling her to deal with her life just the way she hoped. Adele was able to detect her approaching troubles, while warning her ahead of time.

Though Adele brought all the lost hope back by being her friend and companion in every domain, it would not be the same after a few days. When Marty was finally about to bid good-bye to her canine friend, she was forced to address her fears of what next? Throughout their partnership, while Adele assisted her to be a good mother and wife, it would change in a very short while. Director Melissa Dowler has documented this journey of Marty in an inspirational way, presenting every element with care.

From a lonely childhood to a troubled daily life, Adele’s support to the uncertainty after their separation – the documentary forms an instant connection with the audience. It succeeds in presenting the real picture of how a service dog turned out to be Marty’s best friend for nine long years. When difficulties of carrying around her life as a normal human being brought sorrow, Adele changed it all.

But, can such good things continue forever? Are angels like Adele meant to be around only for a short while? Can she depend on their partnership to lead a normal life always or should she find the same bond in some other canine friend? As the documentary attempts to answer these questions, it is interesting to know about the journey thereafter. It instills inspiration, motivation and belief that everything depends on our confidence and faith. While it presents her journey to find the successor, the realities and difficulties mount once again.

An interesting tale of hope, support, trust and love, ‘Adele And Everything After’ is truly worth watching. Available Everywhere On-Demand January 30, 2018.

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