Documentary Review: ’93Queen’

An exceptional piece of inspiration, this documentary is as unique as its name. Revolving around the orthodox Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn, the documentary follows their famous ambulance unit. While the Hatzolah voluntary ambulance corps is known for their excellent timely help and medical service during case of emergencies, it did not allow women to participate in the same. An orthodox community that does not allow women to progress beyond their homes and family, one inspirational woman was determined to change it all.

It follows the efforts, hard work, patience and belief of lawyer turned Judge Rachel ‘Ruchie’ Freier. Though a religious woman who loves her family and takes care of them, she refuses to accept the bias treatment towards women of her community. When needy women in cases of medical emergencies are uncomfortable with the all men squad of Hatzolah, they end up with more misery and troubles. All of this can change only if women are allowed to enter into the volunteer team and help them during the most crucial moments. The orthodox mentality of the community ban her efforts in the bud, but she continues her belief in the right direction.

With support from her family and friends, Rachel does the unexpected. The story motivates and instills the belief that nothing is impossible. When her efforts to run an all women squad are mocked on the basis of popular idea that women cannot handle stress or emergency situations, she stands against everything. Bringing the novel one-of-a-kind all women team by the name ‘Ezras Nashim’, her efforts are directed towards helping her fellow members in times of medical crises.

When shame and orthodox practices hinder with the process of receiving dignified help for women, Ezras Nashim strive to erase it all. Makers of the documentary have done an incredible job of bringing such inspirational stories for the audience. It highlights the power of confidence, courage, hard work and determination. Things are never meant to be easy or straightforward in life. Encountering challenges is routine part of our story, but fighting them with the right dose of confidence is the real key. Together as the team learns, experiences, works and encounters challenges, they only bond stronger for a happier community.

Rachel’s confidence is an excellent factor to look forward to. Religious practices and orthodox traditions should not blind our beliefs with unnecessary troubles. Living in the modern times with essential changes in sync with revolving circumstances is extremely important.

Watch this tale of belief and hard work. Nothing is impossible when unity is the strength and we believe in it. 93Queen is the modern day symbol of being there for each other.

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