Documentary Review: ‘1 Billion Orgasms’

Review by James Lindorf

First-time filmmakers Brent Kinetz and Terence Mickey, along with Gravitas Ventures, take you on a journey into one man’s obsession to be responsible for 1 Billion Orgasms. Aaron Headley is a middle-aged semi-successful engineer. He is a twice-divorced father of two and the inventor of The Squirt Watch. Aaron blamed the end of his relationship with the love of his life on his lack of sexual prowess, and it ignited in him the desire to help as many women as possible achieve the ultimate orgasm. 1 Billion Orgasms will be available across all VOD, Digital, and DVD platforms beginning February 5th, 2019.

Aaron is a big personality and viewers could have a love/hate relationship with him. He is shown as a passionate businessman, a loving father and son, a not so great husband, and briefly, as an inventor. The first 35 minutes of the film are focused on his past and how he got to where he is as a person and business owner. The final 40 minutes follow Aaron as he attends the 2015 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas trying to raise awareness for his product.

The film is tremendously unbalanced from start to finish. In the beginning, there is too much time spent on Aaron’s past. He isn’t a bad guy, but he hasn’t done anything particularly special, and almost no time is dedicated to the creation of the watch or his business. In the later portion, too much time is spent on Aaron and his booth assistant trying to pimp out his wares. The editing in crucial scenes is weak, leaving viewers guessing if something was said off-camera, if Aaron is embellishing, or if he’s flat out lying.

If Kinetz and Mickey had refocused during filming or during editing, they could have a more satisfying film on their hands. It is mostly entertaining, but you can see shadows of better movie throughout. That doesn’t mean the movie was void of good elements. The film is more of a letdown than it is flat out bad. Kinetz and Mickey did their best to make you care about Aaron and his family. They make it known that a woman’s sexuality is important and everyone should experience the things that interest them. There were also a couple of good musical choices that fit the tone of the film in the moment. While 1 Billion Orgasms isn’t the success they hoped for, Kinetz and Mickey proved that they could be capable of helming a quality documentary in the future.

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