Discovery Life Premieres ‘Shock Trauma: Edge Of Life’ Friday, January 1

It’s a matter of life-or-death in Discovery Life’s SHOCK TRAUMA: EDGE OF LIFE, premiering Friday, January 1st at 10/9c. The unscripted docudrama tells the parallel stories of doctors, nurses and patients at the world-renowned R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. With a 97-percent survival rate and more than 8,000 patients annually (compared to the typical 3,000 per year) it is the best trauma center in the country. Only the most critically-injured patients in Maryland are transported here, and in the fight to save lives, or prevent irreversible damage, every minute counts.

SHOCK TRAUMA: EDGE OF LIFE opens the doors of the world renowned premiere trauma center and captures life’s unexpected circumstances. In the series, the Shock Trauma Center treats motorcycle, car and ATV crashes, frostbite, gunshot wounds and even victims of violence from the April 2015 protests in Baltimore.

In the premiere episode, viewers meet Caela, a young woman in her early 20s, with a gunshot wound to the belly. A car crash brings pregnant Nikeara into the TRU and her unborn baby’s life hangs in the balance. Tiffany has fallen down a flight of stairs backwards her daughter finds her unconscious and is taken to Shock Trauma for a possible brain bleed.

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