DFW: Spike And Mike’s Festival Of Animation Is Coming To The Texas Theater On May 23

Dallas, TX
Founded in 1977 www.spikeandmike.com
Opens May 23rd, Texas Theater

“And on the 13th day, God created Spike and Mike, so sayeth the D.” – Jack Black of Tenacious D, Actor

ŇSpike and MikeŐs Sick & Twisted Festival is like disney with tits!Ó -Robin Williams, Actor & Comedian

spike 3

Over the years Spike and Mike have launched underground films that are now considered part of America’s pop culture. A few films you may have heard of include: Beavis and Butthead, South Park, Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats and Wallace & Gromit.

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Against all odds, Spike and MikeŐs Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation has persevered for over twenty years, leaving indelible scars on our young minds. The Sick & Twisted Festival began in 1990 as a home for animated pieces that were simply too revolting or adult in nature for Spike and MikeŐs prestigious Classic Festival of Animation. Be prepared for a wild and vulgar explosion of animation as all good taste is beaten into submission!

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The 2014 Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation is an outrageous cultural event, containing more than 25 spectacularly uncensored adult cartoons including some of the sickest animations of all time. In addition to the classic favorites, brand new twisted toons from around the world are also featured!

The brand new 2014 Sick and Twisted¨ Festival of Animation¨ will premier BRAND NEW short animated films and a few returning favorites. Among the not-to-miss titles are entries from Australia, Japan, France, Denmark, Canada and of course the United States!

Dedicated to giving you more than your moneyŐs worth, we are also including EXTRA BONUS films that we cannot event mention in this press release.

“Dubbed the kings of tasteless toons by animation industry giants!” – Trevor Groth, Program Director Sundance Film Festival

“I was so knocked out that there was animation like that, and all collected under one banner. That’s why I fell in love with Spike & Mike.” – Seth Green, Actor, Producer

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