DFW Musical Review: ‘Wicked’ Is Just Brilliant

Review by Monique Thompson

A vivid reimagining of the classic The Wizard of Oz,Wicked spotlights the untold stories of Oz’s most famous (or infamous) characters, namely the Wicked Witch of the West and her unlikely friend, Glinda the Good. The show follows green-skinned star Elphaba from birth to college and through the life-changing events which eventually label her “wicked,” introducing spoiled rich girl Glinda, local prince and heartthrob Fiyero and even the Wizard of Oz himself, a troubled man very unlike the one you may remember.

When it comes to Dallas Summer Musicals, I’m convinced they can do no wrong. In a production that has to be the best yet, Wicked is simply brilliant!

Everyone knows the story of Dorothy & ToTo as they head “off to see the wizard” on the yellow brick road. Well, forget about Dorothy, it’s the witches time to shine. Glinda the Good Witch and The Wicked Witch of The West tell their story of going to see the Wizard of Oz.Who would have known these witches would have so much going on!

The stage set for Wicked is immaculate as you’ll immediately notice the interactive dragon that sits atop the stage. From that point, things only get better as the sparkly city of Oz will light up the entire theater.

The characters we all love from The Wizard of Oz are still thrown in to as you’ll get to learn how the scarecrow ends up in the field and even how the tin man became heartless. The humor, the singing, the dancing, the high energy, Wicked is the full package when it comes to broadway.

Perfect for all ages, Wicked is a must see! Playing through May 22.

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