‘Deadpool’ Thoughts By Fans That Went And Saw It At Screenings

We cannot post our review of the movie until Saturday night (per the studio). So here are reactions from people that went to the special advance screenings on Thursday night.

* It was great! Exactly what a Deadpool movie should be! Lauryn

* Ryan Reynolds makes the movie. Susan

* Funny, funny movie – who knew Ryan Reynolds could actually be this good. Es

* Opening credits are funny. stay for after credit for one more laugh, Susan

* It was awesome! Nikki

* It was amazing definitely did not let me down. Karen

* Everything you could ask for and more. Adam

* Saw a screening last night! LOVED IT! felt guilty, but loved it! Lamar

* Freaking awesome! I’m not even a comic book/Deadpool person (my husband is), and I loved the movie! Ryan was a perfect fit, and the laughs just keep coming between the “Holy Sh*t” moments. Kristina

* It was amazing definitely did not let me down. Karen

* Movie is awesome. Will do great in box office. Lots of people will go see again. Yvonne

* We loved it! Great adult night out movie!! Have to say, I do love marvel movies but this is my favorite! Kimmi

* Loved it, enjoyed it. I know Ryan made an amazing Deadpool, perfect. Dixie

* So hilarious! I loved it!! Victoria

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