Dallas Theater Review: ‘The Book Of Mormon’ Is Fantastic

Review by Lauryn Angel

When I told a friend that I was about to see The Book of Mormon for the first time, she said, “Do yourself a favor and don’t find out anything about it beforehand. Go in cold.” That wasn’t entirely possible, since I already knew it was written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but I avoided all summaries and reviews before seeing it. And I’m glad I did, because it’s truly a great show, and I would have hated to have any of the plot or punchlines ruined beforehand. So, in that vein, all I will say is out the story is that it’s about two Mormon missionaries, golden boy Elder Price (Gabe Gibbs) and bumbling Elder Cunningham (Cody Jamison Strand) on their first assignment. The two are mis-matched, and their assignment is less than ideal. Hilarity ensues.

What you should know before going in: This show is a satire. If you are familiar with the works of Parker and Stone, you are likely prepared for this show to be hilarious and offensive, and it certainly is that. If you are expecting to see I history of Mormons, as the people sitting behind us last night were, well, you will get some history, but not quite in the manner you were expecting. And it’s not an accurate history. Furthermore, there is a lot of inappropriate behavior and foul language, so it’s not necessarily a show for the family.

The show is fantastic, and the musical numbers are catchy and hilarious. This particular cast is fantastic – Gibbs and Strand are joined by Candace Quarrels, Daxton Bloomquist, Sterling Jarvis and many supporting players. Several times throughout the night I laughed until I cried. If you are not easily offended, do yourself a favor and see The Book of Mormon during its run at the Winspear Opera House, now through December 31st.

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