Dallas Theater Review: ‘An American In Paris’

Review by Monique Thompson

An American In Paris is a musical inspired by the 1951 Academy Award winning film of the same name. Named the Best Musical of The Year and winner of four Tony Awards, An American In Paris is truly a theatrical ballet performance deserving of those accolades.

Now playing as part of Dallas Summer Musicals 2017 season at Music Hall Fair Park, An American In Paris is a romantic yet humorous story in the heart of Paris. Following World War II, solider Jerry decides to stay in Paris and is immediately captivated by a mysterious beauty that he bumps into, Lise Dassin, who happens to be a French ballerina in search of her big break.

Jerry befriends a local pub worker named Adam, who also happens to be a musical composer, and the son of a wealthy French family, Henri. Unbeknownst to Jerry and Henri, they both are infatuated with the same woman, Lise. That leaves Lise with a big decision to make that could tarnish her chances of getting to her big break.

Like the film, the musical is just as captivating and warm! The dancers are purely gorgeous and fluid as they frisk across the stage. Even as they smoothly transition from scene to scene to scene with the stage props, everything is done so gracefully and without incident. The chemistry between Jerry and Lise is nothing short of magical and breathtaking.

What’s great about this production is you get to experience a whimsical ballet and love story all at the same time. Boasting a 17+ minute long ballet performance that is simply stunning makes for such a warm and magnetic moment that’s for sure to make your heart smile.

On stage at Music Hall Fair Park through Sunday, February 12th

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