Dallas Stage Review: ‘Circus 1903’

Review by Lauryn Angel

Circus 1903 has arrived at the Music Hall at Fair Park, and it’s great family fun. The premise is exactly what it sounds like – a stage show celebrating the golden age of the circus – including side shows and extortionists. The show is family friendly, with Ringmaster Willy (David Williamson) bringing children from the audience up to the stage at different points during the show to “assist” him with tricks. The show focuses on acrobatics, with various forms on display.

The most impressive act involves elephant puppets, which really are astonishing; I was skeptical about these puppets, but the way they were introduced into the show was breath-taking. I heard more than one person in the audience murmur, “Is that real?” Eventually, the secret is revealed, but for a few moments, the illusion held the entire audience in sway.

In an era when live circus shows are waning in popularity – Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus just gave its final performance after over 140 years — Circus 1903 offers families good, old-fashioned circus fun. The show runs through June 4 at the Music Hall at Fair Park, and it’s great summer fun.

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