Concert Review: ‘Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage’

Review by Lauryn Angel

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage is a celebration of fifty years of going “where no one has gone before.” The program features full-orchestra accompaniment to a visual program of short clips and full scenes, with narration by Neil Degrasse Tyson. The program includes music from fourteen composers and represents iconic moments from the original series all the way up to J. J. Abrams’ films — with a particular emphasis on the original and Next Generation casts (likely due to the fact that there is simply more material for those casts.)

The program was quite a spectacle, both on- and off-stage, as there were quite a few cosplayers in the audience. Conductor Justin Freer and his orchestra were in fine form, and the experience was much like watching a film with a live orchestra – I was aware they were there, but my attention was mostly focused on the screen, as the orchestra was largely obscured by a set that called to mind the bridge of a galaxy-class starship.

As I was raised in a household which seemed to always have Star Trek on the television in some form or other, I quite enjoyed the program. I will admit, however, that my familiarity with the television franchise ends with Deep Space Nine. However, an extensive knowledge of the franchise is not necessary for enjoying the program. I got enough of the gist of the clips from Voyager and Enterprise to enjoy their inclusion in the program. Apparently, I was not alone in this, as I overheard many audience members discussing their dearth of knowledge about these shows on our way out of the theater. Many, like myself, felt inspired to revisit those shows we knew little about. The music itself is reason enough to attend, for both hardcore and casual fans.

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