Concert Review: ‘Iration’ Lights Up The Stage At House Of Blues Dallas

The mood is right, thinking ‘bout those concert nights, those concert nights…

The reggae rock band from Hawaii has made their way back to Dallas (on Friday, June 6, 2014) for another concert full of fresh sound and good vibes.

The House of Blues in Dallas is a particularly great venue for a number of reasons. There is a DART Bus- it will get you about a block away from the building, allowing you to save gas, money on parking, and best of all avoiding traffic to down town! Dine at the venue- “Crossroad at House of Blues” might be a bit pricy, but the food is fantastic and there is a variety of different types of cuisines, including Italian, American, Mexican, and much more. And the biggest perk to this venue is that more often than not you will have a chance to meet artists either before or after their show. If you’re lucky, you can score a picture with them as well.

The Green opened the show warming up the audience for a night of laid back, original beats. As soon as their 45 minute set was over, everyone got a 30 minute break to grab a drink at the bar or purchase the band’s merchandise.

Finally, at nine thirty on the dot, Iration started the show with their classic hit, “Turn Around.” It didn’t take long for this concert to get going. It was a jam-packed set with all of their hits. Iration kept their crowd interaction to a minimal. Instead, they let their music do the talking which pleases the crowd, since more time is left for more of their songs. The audience danced and sang along to every single song, proving Iration has a large fan base even though they aren’t local or mainstream. The band covered all their albums by playing at least two songs from even their earliest releases and not focusing on their newer album. The vocals by Micah Pueschel and new band member Micah Brown were phenomenal. And everyone on instruments rocked it.

It is bitter sweet to watch Iration now that Kai Rediske is no longer with the band (it was a clean break). Watching someone take his place is hard, but Micah Brown subtly adds the right amount of vocals and instrumentals to the band. He naturally fits right in.  Another addition that is much more noticeable is the flashing, swirling lights placed all along the stage. Personally, I loved it. I thought the lights add more stage presence and energy to their show. Every time I watch Iration, they seem to be evolving more musically and technically.

Once their set was over, the crowd predictably chanted “one more song,” knowing very well that Iration was coming back for an encore. I still never got the point of the one minute tease, but I guess it’s nice to hear the fans saying they want more. And more is what Iration gave! The band sang a few more songs and closed the show with one of their most popular tracks, “Falling.”

Overall, Iration put on another amazing concert with rapid lighting, smooth vocals, and an energetic performance.

Susan Kamyab
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