Concert Review: Goo Goo Dolls and Daughtry Put on A Decent Show


Concerts are an interesting beast when it comes to writing reviews. I really don’t write them in the same way as I do for any other thing I see. You see, because a concert allows me to utilize my phone at any time, I write the review in a play by play while I’m watching the show. Then, when an act is done, I construct the thing into its proper paragraph for whatever band. This is exactly what I did for this concert, but somehow my iPad lost my notes when I went to post the review.

So, do to this little set back, I will just have to recall the show as best I can for you. Sadly, there won’t be an exciting and elongated description of the show as I intended, but you will get an idea as to whether or not it was worth going and if you may want to catch them in the future. The short answer to that is maybe. I say this for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I don’t believe I can give a fully accurate assessment of some of these bands do to the sound.

The Plain White T’s for instance were not particularly enjoyable at all. Not because they are a bad band necessarily, but because the sound work on Wednesday night for their band was almost in audible at times. It was mostly the vocal mix, but I also had trouble discerning the tones of the bass and at certain times the guitar was almost overbearing. I don’t know if this was because of the sound mixer for the band or if it was someone at Gexa, but it was quite poor.

Daughtry was a little better. The mix of the instruments were mostly right on. The only real issue was the vocals. I couldn’t tell whether he just kept screwing up the placement of his mic or if the mic itself was just poorly mixed into the arrangement. Either way, he was moderately entertaining and there were a number of songs that I enjoyed. The song I most enjoyed being the “Waiting for Superman” one. I especially liked the way that he opened it with John Williams score from the old movie  and a cool comic strip video. Easily the highlight of the entire night.

When the Goo Goo Dolla came out I was dying for a little excitement and a reason to stand up. They provided that in spurts. There were a few numbers that were enjoyable and a few that were filler. As a matter of fact, I felt like the first half of their set was filled with enough good tracks for me to think that I had forgotten how good they are. Then the second half was so generic that I just sat and waited for the ‘City of Angels’ song so I could leave. Still, when they do perform that song it was quite awesome.

Overall, I had a decent time, but I don’t think I would necessarily pay to see any of these bands again. This may just be a personal preference, but they did not blow up my skirt.

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