Colin Trevorrow Talks ‘Star Wars Episode IX’, ‘Jurassic World 2’, And ‘The Book of Henry’

If you said the name Colin Trevorrow a couple years ago no one would have known who you were talking about. His first film (Safety Not Guaranteed) came out just five years ago. Since then, he directed one of the biggest summer movies of all time (Jurassic World), finished writing the sequel to that blockbuster, and just signed on to direct the closing chapter in the latest ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. The guy could not be a hotter commodity right now.

So, you would be remiss if you didn’t wonder why he would stop in the middle of all this success to direct a little movie about cancer, suicide, sexual assault, and children. Well, it’s because he’s not the type of guy to shy away from a challenge. Now, I’m not entirely sure that he completely succeeds here, but it’s a valiant effort and a film that’s full of things to enjoy. It’s also pretty amazing that he gets so many laughs out of such dark material.

I got the opportunity to sit down with him last week to talk about his latest effort to take a 20 year old screenplay and bring it to life. We also discussed the sequel to ‘Jurassic World’and a little bit about the new ‘Star Wars’. Check out my interview below


Nathan Ligon

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