‘Chariots Of Fire’ Returns To Theaters For One-Night Monday, August 1

With the highly anticipated 2016 Summer Olympic Games approaching, Different Drummer’s eventized cinema division TheatriCast will bring the 1981 Academy®-Award winning film Chariots of Fire to theaters nationwide for one-night on Monday, August 1. The film will release in 20 theaters across the U.S for that single night, and will include additional programming to celebrate Olympic athletes.

The historic film, renowned for its stirring portrayal of athletic heroism and faith during the 1924 Olympics, tells the true story of British sprinter Eric Liddell, who famously refused to run the Sunday of his signature race because of his strict observance of the Christian Sabbath. Though ridiculed by the British Olympic Committee, his fellow athletes, and most of the world press, Liddell triumphed in a new event, winning the 400 meters in Paris. Liddell and teammate Harold Abrams, a Jewish runner who won gold in the 100-meter race, were able to return home victorious and true to their faiths.

TheatriCast is an initiative from Different Drummer, producers of marketing and distribution. Most recently, TheatriCast successfully sold out multiple showings of the acclaimed indie film Last Days in The Desert. TheatriCast is partnering with Warner Bros. Pictures and Tugg, the international cinema on-demand ticketing platform, for the special showings of Chariots of Fire.

“Chariots of Fire aligns the best of cinema and the ideals of the Olympic movement around a powerful, true story of conviction and calling,” said Erik Lokkesmoe, principal of Different Drummer and co-creator of TheatriCast. “The film is universally regarded as a masterpiece, and we are honored to partner with Warner Bros. to return this classic to the big screen.”

Coinciding with the Chariots of Fire event, Penguin Press recently released a new book, For the Glory: Eric Liddell’s Journey from Olympic Champion to Modern Martyr by Duncan Hamilton. The book details Liddell’s life, from his Olympic victory to his missionary work in China to his last, brave years in a Japanese work camp during World War II. TheatriCast is partnering with Penguin Press to broaden awareness for Liddell’s inspiring story.

For theaters and tickets, visit www.ChariotsOfFireEvent.com

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