‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ Preview Wednesday

Tommy Davidson is a stand-up comedian and actor who lives outside Los Angeles, CA with his fiancé of almost three years, Amanda, her son Jayden (5), and Tommy’s daughter Jillian (21.) The family enjoys a quiet life away from the spotlight of Hollywood, with most evenings consisting of time together watching movies and cooking dinner as a family. Amanda is a successful businesswoman, and owner of the store, Lil Posh Resale, where she sells baby merchandise and maternity clothing. Jillian works for Amanda but dreams of a career in entertainment, just like her dad, which Tommy is a bit reluctant at helping her pursue.

Corey Feldman is an actor/singer who is known for roles in numerous iconic movies like “Stand By Me,” “Goonies” and “Lost Boys.” Corey lives in Los Angeles, CA and runs the business “Corey’s Angels,” an artist management company in which Corey manages the careers of young women trying to break into the business. Corey lives with three of his angels: Lyn, Caitlyn, and Corey’s “maingel” and girlfriend, Courtney. Corey oversees all aspects of “his angel’s” lives, including their diet and exercise programs, which includes regular workout sessions and a no meat diet. Courtney prides herself on being a “fruitarian,” eating only fruit. Corey and his angels enjoy late nights and frequently host parties. The foursome also enjoy wearing pajamas and lingerie all day.

When it’s time for the swap, both Amanda and Courtney are thrown immediately out of their comfort zones. Meeting their new families, Courtney is uncomfortable with the barbeque dinner Tommy has prepared. While back at Corey’s house, he encourages Amanda to wear a robe and lingerie, standard attire for his angels. Being a good sport, Amada agrees but is uncomfortable with the situation. As the week goes on, both women try to adapt to their new lives, but find it challenging. When they get the chance to change the rules, both are more than ready with Amanda bringing some big changes to Corey’s Angels, encouraging them to be their own persons and rely less heavily on Corey, a scenario Corey is troubled by, feeling that Amanda is trying to undermine his business. Meanwhile, back at the Davidson home, Courtney mixes things up with a “fruitarian” family diet, and surprises Tommy with a bachelor party, which Tommy is anything but happy about.

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