‘California Winter’ Official Trailer Starring Gina Rodriguez

At the height of the housing boom of 2005, Mexican-American, Clara Morales is a real estate agent full of ambition, building a career by enticing Latino clients to take out subprime loans that she doesn’t understand. She even convinces her cautious father, Papi, to refinance the family home to pay for her mother’s medical bills.

When the 2008 crash hits, Papi, now grieving the death of his wife, is devastated when his home goes into foreclosure – and he holds Clara responsible. As he lets his own health slide, Clara must now fight to prove herself to him by saving her childhood home and winning back the trust of her community. At the same time, she must outwit a devious coworker to hold onto her job at her a downsizing workplace.

One positive aspect to her life is a burgeoning romance with her bank representative, another first-generation Mexican named Carlos. However, with her father’s eviction date around the corner, Clara makes a reckless play to acquire a new client in the hope of paying off Papi’s home. This backfires and she loses her job and her new romantic relationship becomes even more complicated. Saving the home now seems more impossible than ever. Under these circumstances, all the experiences common to being a 20-something are exponentially more difficult for Clara. Anxiety becomes the new norm.

Ultimately, Clara and her father realize that although they have made some bad decisions along the way, they need to make peace and put the past behind them, and they enact a final and desperate plan to save their home and face off against the local sheriff.

A timely, heartfelt story about realizing how personal choices and family can be stronger than any force working against you.

Golden Globe Winner Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) features alongside Michael Ironside (The Flash), A Martinez (Longmire), Rutina Wesley (True Blood), Walter Perez (The Avengers), Erik Avari (Hachi : A Dog’s Tale), and Elizabeth Dominguez in an Odin Ozdil film.

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